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 To BBB or Apurva - Forgot to mention in CAF  

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I forgot to mention my Master's degree under the education section of CAF. I submitted it already, therefore, no changes can be made. How should I inform the programs I have applied to? E-mail or call. There is mention of the degree in my personal statement and LORs.

Please advise soon.



however since ur lors and ps mention it - u can rest a little easy. best is to send an email a couple of days after the program downloads ur appli and state u forgot to mention and that ur interested. however i dont think it will help much as ur file wont be made. however hammer this point in the iviewers head and if possible take a new paper cv showing "updated" infosmiling face


You can email programs with this information, but we can't add it either. There is no place for a program to store this information.

Sorry. Good luck


thank you guys!

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