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 Selection Criteria, Difficult Programs  

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I have mailed lots of programs and have received their selction criteria, some of them are very hard to get for IMGs. I want to post them to let people know, so they won't waste their money.

Please try to add this topic as much as you can.


Thank you for your interest in Brockton Hospital's transitional residency program.
We currently offer 8 positions. A Tufts-New England Medical Center Affilate.
Applications to our program are filed through ERAS. Information can be found at For additional information about our program and hospital, please view our Web Site at Click on the Residency for specific information regarding rotations etc. The hospital does not sponsor any visa’s. Applicants with one of the following qualifications are eligible:

a. Graduates of medical schools in the United States and Canada accredited by the
Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

b. Graduates of colleges of osteopathic medicine in the United States accredited by the
American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

c. Graduates of medical schools outside the United States and Canada who have received a currently valid certificate from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.

d. Graduates of medical schools outside the United States who have completed a Fifth
Pathway program provided by an LCME-accredited medical school.

For Foreign Medical Graduates, we will review applications that have / had clinical experience in the United States for at least 12 mos. (more is preferred) and will also be considered only if no more than 1 year has lapsed since graduation from medical school. Score requirements; minimum (and higher) is that which is acceptable to Step and ECFMG guidelines. ECFMG Certification must be in place at the time the interview is granted. Clinical Assessment Exams for IMG's who hold certificates issued after 7/1/98 are required. Required letters for our program are those that are recommended by ERAS. ECFMG certification must be in place before match, with prior to interview preferred. We will begin downloading from ERAS the beginning of October, 2006. The deadline for receiving applications through ERAS is December 20, 2006.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our program.

Brockton Hospital
Coordinator Transitional Residency Program


Thank you for your interest in our residency program. Below are our program requirements:

J1 visa
210 or higher within 2 attempts on USMLE
2 months or more of US clinical experience

7 year medical school graduation requirement
Application deadline November 30th
No pre-match positions

We will be accepting applications for 2007 through ERAS starting in September.

Susan M. Simmons
Residency Program Administrator
Internal Medicine Residency Program
Emergency Med./Internal Med. Residency Program
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Administrative Coordinator, ACP Minnesota Chapter
612-904-4577 Fax


Thank you for your interest in Fort Wayne Medical Education Program's Family
Medicine Residency. We work only through National Resident Matching Program
and the National Matching Services (osteopathic students) and accept
applications only through the Electronic Residency Application Service
(ERAS). To apply through ERAS, current 4th year medical students need to
contact their medical school Dean's office and foreign medical graduates
need to contact ECFMG. Foreign medical graduates must have their ECFMG
certificate before we will consider their application. Our deadline for
receiving applications is December 1. We have no minimum USMLE score
requirements, however we seek candidates who have passed the exams on their
first attempt. We also look for candidates who have been out of medical
school no longer than 3 years and have several months of current U.S.
clinical experience. We do not sponsor any type of visa. Our program does
not offer externships or observerships. For more information about us,
visit our Web Site at "".

Yvonne Niccum, Recruitment Coordinator
Fort Wayne Medical Education Program



3500 Gaston Avenue
, Dallas, Texas 75246

(214) 820-6202 Fax (214) 820-6385 e-mail


Dear Potential Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in training in internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center. Information about our program is available at the above webpage address. Baylor University Medical Center participates in the National Resident Matching Program. The eligibility requirements for participation in our selection and interviewing process are listed below.

Applicants participating in the NRMP are either 1) sponsored by U.S. allopathic medical schools or are 2) independent. Independent applicant categories include:

Student/graduate of a school of Osteopathy

U.S. citizen student/graduate of a foreign medical school

Student/graduate of a Canadian medical school

Non-U.S. citizen student/graduate of a foreign medical school

Student/graduate of a Fifth Pathway program

Graduate physician of a U.S. school not sponsored by a Liaison Committee on

Medical Education (LCME)

Deadline dates for enrollment of U.S. seniors at LCME medical schools or Independent applicants are available from the NRMP at (202) 828-0566. Their address is:

2501 M Street NW, Suite 1

Washington, DC 20037-1307

Verification of Applicant's Status

The NRMP will contact Canadian medical schools, Osteopathic medical schools, and Fifth Pathway Programs to verify enrollment of graduate status.

In addition, BUMC institutional policy requires that all non-U.S. medical school graduates must be U.S. citizens or

Possess a Green Card, or

Possess a valid ECFMG certificate and current J-1 visa.

Baylor does not accept H-1 visas for clinical training positions.

The non-US citizen graduate of an LCME medical school must also possess either a green card or a current J-1 visa.

After you register with the NRMP, file your application through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). It is important that you include your NRMP registration number on the application, along with all other documentation required. Please also include your USMLE part I and part II scores. We require three letters of recommendation; if possible one should be from the chief of medicine at your medical school. After your application is complete, the review committee will study your file and decide whether to invite you to an interview. Our deadline for receipt of your completed application is December 1, 2006. All applications will be received through ERAS only. We do not offer “pre-match” or outside the match positions. Applications will not be accepted by mail.

Although we have no minimum USMLE requirements, the step 1 and step 2 USMLE scores of competitive candidates are generally higher then 230 (93). United States experience is helpful but not required. We will only consider applicants who have graduated from medical school within the past 5 years.

I hope this information will assist you in your endeavor to obtain postgraduate training. Thank you for your interest in the Baylor University Medical Center Internal Medicine program.


Michael Emmett, M.D., M.A.C.P.


Ny list of no visas
New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical centre,Brooklyn
Flushing Hospital Medical Center Program

Perhaps we should do this AREA WISE


Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in Maricopa Medical Center's Internal Medicine Residency training program. All applications for our residency program must be sent through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). We will not be accepting any paper applications. All applications must be received by December 31, 2006.

To apply to our program, simply contact your medical school's Dean's office. If you are an international medical graduate, you should contact the ECFMG; they will act as your Dean's office. Also, we require copies of your UMSLE scores to be sent to us through ERAS directly from the National Board of Medical Examiners. Our minimum score requirement is 83 or higher on all steps of the USMLE with passage on the first attempt. We also require a minimum of two months of U.S. clinical experience in order to apply. Our institution does not sponsor any visas.

For more information on our residency program and Maricopa Medical Center, please visit our website at

If you have any further questions, please contact me at Sincerely,
Karen Boettcher

Internal Medicine Residency Coordinator
Maricopa Medical Center
2601 E. Roosevelt Street, Room 0-D-10
Phoenix, AZ 85008
phone: 602-344-1218
fax: 602-344-1488



All Radiology Residency programs are eligible to participate in the ERAS common application form
  • A personal statement A Dean’s letter Three letters of recommendation Official medical school transcript An official ECFMG certificate (if you graduated from medical school outside of the United States or Canada)USMLE parts 1 & 2
    Interview dates for 2006-2007 year:
    November 1, 2006– January 31, 2007
    Application deadline is November 1, 2006

    For more information contact us:

    Sherry Bucholz, Residency Program Coordinator
    Sacred Heart Medical Center, Radiology Residency
    101 West Eighth Avenue, Box 2555
    Spokane WA

    Phone: (509) 474-3021
    [email protected]

    International Applicants

    International medical graduates must contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) for their application materials and eligibility requirements. Paper applications will not be accepted. We will accept ERAS applications from International Medical Graduates only if they meet the following criteria:

    • Documentation of ECFMG certification


    • Documentation of successful completion of a clinical clerkship or subinternship of at least 8 weeks (hands on clinical experience where you have been involved in patient care doing Histories & Physicals, ordering and interpreting labs, writing orders, making diagnosis and treatment plans, etc) performed at a ACGME accrediting U.S., Puerto Rican or Canadian medical school.


    • Visa status that allows legal entrance into the United States (we do not sponsor or assist with applications for visa). Although we do not have a minimum board score requirement, applications with a high score will be considered more favorably than those with low scores.

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    ya can add a tonne to these. basically same. so huge is evident


    Thank you for your interest in the Marshfield Clinic - Saint Joseph's Hospital Transitional Year Residency Program.

    We will be accepting applications for 4 positions for the 2007-2008 academic year, using exclusively the ERAS application program, starting September 1, 2006 until January 1, 2007.

    Our program requirements for the application are;
    " Minimum scores of 210 on USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 (if available)
    " Minimum of 6 months of United States clinical experience
    " Minimum of 2 letters of recommendation
    " Graduation from medical school within the past 3 years

    Our institution currently sponsors H1B visa's (current ECFMG certified and successful completion of USMLE step 3 required by February 1, 2006) and will accept J1 visa's.

    You may find additional information regarding our program at the following web site;

    Michelle Marohl
    Program Coordinator, Transitional Year Residency
    Marshfield Clinic
    1000 N Oak Ave
    Marshfield WI 54449
    800-541-2895 ext 97676
    Fax 715-387-5163


    Flushing Hospital Medical Center is unable to sponsor any form of visa. We do not offer any observership or externship positions.

    Thank you for your interest in our program.

    Karen P. Beekman, MD
    Program Director
    Internal Medicine Residency Program
    Flushing Hospital Medical Center
    4500 Parsons Boulevard
    Flushing, NY 11355
    [email protected]
    (718) 670-5218
    Fax: (718) 670-4510


    thank you amirhossein for that list...hennepein county is going off my list right now!


    Dear Potential Applicant:

    Thank you for your interest in the internal medicine residency program at the University of Tennessee, Baptist Hospital, Nashville.

    We accept applications only through the ERAS system. No paper applications are accepted. We do not sponsor ANY visas.

    While we do not have set USMLE score requirements, please keep in mind that our program has only five categorical positions and one preliminary position available each year, and we receive hundreds of applications. Clinical experience in the U.S. is required, as well as U.S. reference letters. Your ERAS application should be received prior to January 1, 2007.

    For more information, visit our web site at:

    Jeanne Stoker
    Program Coordinator


    General surgery residency program at Western Reserve Care System

    US Citizen or Permanent Resident (no visas)
    Recent graduate - out of medical school no more than 2 years
    USMLE scores 80 or above
    Valid ECFMG Certificate (by July 1 start)
    US clinical experience preferred


    Fuld Campus Internal Medicine Residency Program at Capital Health System, Trenton, NJ

    · Method of Application: ERAS only
    · Deadline: January 15, 2007
    · Required Documents: ECFMG / USMLE transcript / Medical School transcript / 3 letters of recommendation
    · Visa sponsorship: none
    · USMLE’s: no more than 1 failure
    · USMLE scores: no minimum
    · Applications from IMG’s: encouraged


    hank you for your interest in our General Surgery Residency Program at the
    New York Medical College Sound Shore Program

    The following are answers to questions often asked:

    ERAS - we participate in ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service).
    Please make arrangements with your school to apply according to this
    Three categorical and three preliminary positions are available through the
    USMLE scores: We require scores of 80 and above. A USMLE transcript must be
    made available through ERAS.
    Deadline for receipt of application: November 17, 2006.
    Our program consists of both AMGs and IMGs.
    We require three letters of recommendation. The letters should be recent
    and should include at least one from a surgeon whom you have rotated with.
    If you have already completed a one year internship/research year, a letter
    from your program director is required.
    US clinical experience is not mandatory, but considered an asset.
    Results of Step 2 are not needed for interview; however passing grade is
    required by the time of ranking.
    Visa Sponsorship: We unfortunately do not sponsor any visas due to problems
    that we have experienced in the past.


    My classfellow got an IV from NY shore program from Categorical Surgery, He has scores of 90 and 91 and is waiting for his CS, no USCE and needs visa H1. How do you explain that!!!


    Sometimes people have something on their CV that is attracting for selection committee.

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