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 time to be serious  

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well i think i need to pause and think over what ive done and whats left to do.
my study sources

kaplan notes and dvds

usmle world
step 2 and 3 q book

ii've skimmed over neurology, cardiology and gynae.
plan to ttake usmleworld today.
its 2000 + qs in 30 days. thats around 70 qs/day
i will do less qs in the first week and adjust first read of other subjects simultaneously. a minimum of 25/day ..will have to do atleast 90qs /day in the last 20 days then


will try doing neuro, gynae and cardio qs first.


ok i got my ans about the uw here..sorry did,t see this post before i askedsmiling face


have to revise my done questions too...need to figure out a plan for that too.


u started yesterday uw right? how r u doin the questions...subjectwise blockwise timed or untimed tutor and which topic u r doin? tell me plz so i,ll try to do the same and if dont understand i,ll bother u to ask...if u dont mind..


neuro, cardio, and gi


may b i shud just aim to do 100 qs today


hi studying,
congrats on a great score in step 1 and i checkd out royalgeorge's post as u suggested..thanx


thanx a lot anne 06..reminders of previous glory grin help deal with present prestep 2 downs sad

good luck smiling face


hey studying
do u think theory is tested on step 2 4 instance types of choledochal u need 2 know that or just d management is fine..
i know u haven't gvn step 2 but mayb ur forum wanderings can help megrin


i still havnt come across that yet...


today will do emergency medicine skimming from kaplan

Gi questions from UW


study_ing Good luck to your studies

I need some basic info about step 2

which subject I should start first ?



step 2 material..

kaplan dvds and notes

review book crush..though step 2 secrets is the same info in q and ans format

FA not supposed to be the legend it was for step 1

secret to sucess in this exam= Questions..

main bank

Usmle world.

kaplan q bank aint supposed to be worth it.

do kaplan q book with first read.

subjects..i started earlier with questions and am not doing stuff subjectwise. internal medicine supposed to have the most weightage followed by pediatrics.

initially i used usmleeasy questions but hardly did a 100 i think..good to get u into the study mode.not a must have.

good luck


Thanks dear


no problem...

oops i forgot one gonna have to squeeze in goljan audio somewhere too and if, by some stroke of luck there r step 2 notes..will hav to do those as well..( he duz talk abt them in his audio but i doubt they exist)


hmm really raeally behind..unhappy with my progress...but lets do the 'baby steps' trick... will do 86 qs of hepatology on UW today...23 done, 75 % more to go..

will start after 10 min..and report after my next 23 q test




october 15th is teh big day..but i hevnt taken that date yet grin

fell short have to be super efficient. UW 20 qs before i report..


done 50 qs of uw yet..wil do a bit of opthalmology now

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