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 Twin pregnancy variants  

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If spliting occurs before the formation of morula, the pregnancy is dichorionic, diamnionic

If spliting occurs before implantation of blastocyst, its monochorionic, diamnionic

If spliting occurs after the omplantation of blastocyst, the pregnancy is monchorionic, monoamnionic.


if segmentation occurs before the throphoblastic division (before the 3th day) it would be a di di.
if segmentation occurs between 3 to 8 it would be a monochorinic monoplacetary and diamniotic.
if segmentation occurs between 8 to 13 it would be a mono mono
if segmentation occurs between 13 to 15 or 16 it would be a conjointed or siamese
all the segmentation that occurs after 15 -16 results in a only child

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