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 Q about Splenic Artery  

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Other than the spleen, occlusion of the splenic artery at its origin will most likely affect
the blood supply to which structure?
(A) Jejunum
(B) Head of the pancreas
(C) Lesser curvature of the stomach
(D) Duodenum distal to the entrance of the common bile duct
(E) Fundus of the stomach




E) fundus






no? well----it aint the A&D as it is the mid gut,not B ---as it supplies the body and tail.that leaves the lesser curvature and fundus. i thought short gastric supplies the fundic area. So what is it?


Answer: B. The fundus of the stomach is supplied by short gastric branches of the splenic
artery. The splenic artery supplies the body and tail of the pancreas, part of the greater
curvature of the stomach, and the spleen. The jejunum, part of the head of the pancreas,
and the duodenum distal to the entrance of the common bile duct are supplied by the
superior mesenteric artery, and the lesser curvature and the pyloric antrum are supplied
by the right and left gastric arteries.

it's from kaplan...maybe kaplan is wrong....


i will go for fundus of stomach


Splenic artery givs out 3 main branches, the pancreatic, the short gastric and the left gastroepiploic. The pancreatic supply mainly the body and tail of pancreas, the short gastric supply the greater curvature of the stomach and the left gastroepiploic anastomosed with the right gastroepiploic and supply the greater curvature of the stomach together with short gastric.
I got this from Gray's anatomy

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