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 BHCG + for the first time?  

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what day postconception, the pregnancy test is positive for the first time?

A) day 9
B) day 10
C) day 12


day 10


hey its day 12 when syncitiotrophoblast invades the maternal sinusoids n first time BHCG is +


is this serum/urine B-hcg?


it depends which pregnancy test you are using but as far as i know the new FDA approved pregnancy tests , over 99% accurate, and are capable of detecting hCG at level of just 20/MIU/ml. That means you can begin testing accurately just 6 to 8 days after conception ...(classical strips detecting hCG from urine,not from blood)


Beta HCG starts to rise 6-10 days after conception. It is possible to detect in the blood on 8th day after conception in 5% of women ( fact from blueprints of OB/G).

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