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tamoxifen is mixed agonist antagonist
antaonist on breast so decreases breast cancer
agonist on endometrium..increases endomet ca
agonist on bone...prevents osteoporosis
antiestrogen effects include hot flashes and vaginal dryness


and how does raloxifene differ in the given actions.. ( one major difference i can see in the given list)

p.s..dunno if its HY


raloxifene is an antagonist on the endometrium and breast and agonist on bone?


yup/ smiling face

basically no risk of endometrial ca whilst osteoporosis can be prevented.


ya raloxifene has endometrial antagonist effect
well study_ing usmle world says tamoxifen is fav topic of usmle
ok so now tell me the risks and benefits of ocps?


benefits risks
ovarian cyst/cancer venous thromboembolism
endometrial ca cardiovas effect/stroke
benibn breast disease cholestasis/cholecystitis
dysmenorrea diabetes


sorry it became all jumbled up
venous thromboembolism
cardiovas effect,stroke
increased triglycerides

ovarian cyst/cancer
endomet ca
benign breast ds

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