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 undescended testis  

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8 mnth boy seen by doc for the first time notices tht there are no testes in the scrotum. Mx:

a) immedite surgery

b) hcg for 1 mnth, then plan for surgery if still no descent

c) obseve 2yrs

d) observe 5 yrs

e) no Rx, reassurance


d. (90 % do descend by one year though) but i think we wait for 5..or was it 2


actually im confused !!


there is a loovely flow chart on mx here but its a nov 2000 article


ans is b

study_ing, the link is excellent. i was wondering the role of hcg, and i got the ans frm th link



smiling face


i just hate the exam writers.

i would have jumped for immediate surgery!!!

the article actually states that chances of success in children less than 2yrs is low but the best answer is usually to try conservative before going for surgery.

so B.

thanks for the link


i actually dont see the link i had posted for the 'lovely flow chart' 2000!!

here it is ..and ure welcome grin


so what is done exactly?hw do u appraoch?


great chart study_ing!!



I have a doubt.
Epocrates, says that hcg and GnRh is not recommended any more.
Then what would be the answer?shocked


So, I think inmediate Sx is the answer (A)




A immediate surgery.
Testes should be descended by 6 months of age or will remain undescended and increasing risk for malignancy


surgery is done at 9-15 months according to Kaplan. I will go with B. pg 172 kaplan pediatrics

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