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 Having difficulty learning Red Cell Hematology  

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Can someone explain anemias to me?? I have most of it memorized, but I don't have solid understanding of concepts. I feel like I don't have much of a clinical understanding and why things happen.

I'd appreciate it if you guys can just explain this topic to me. I know there's many kind of even if you guys can type out explanation for 1 type of anemia per day, I'd REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance...


hello Ray berg...the easiest way to learn anemias is to classify them ...microcytic, macrocytic and normocytic.

the normocytic can be further divided based on the reticulocyte index.

before bulldoze u with info, have u listened to glojan audio? here's the link...its brilliant for anemias. download the audio and the notess from this link.


and whilst u download these, ill leave u to find this out for today..
  • normal ranges for MCV ( hence the classification into normo, micro and macrocytic)
  • the FOUR main differentials for Microcytic anemia

give ur answer ( briefly) here and i 'll post more


Normal value range for MCV is appx 80-100.

Differentials for microcytic anemia include:
Iron Deficiency
Lead toxicity associated

thanks a lot study_ing.

I should mention that even though I know that these are the differentials, I don't necessarily understand the pathogenesis behind it, aka why would Iron deficiency give microcytic anemia? I can see that iron deficiency will give you problems w/ Hb carrying capacity...but that's the extent of what I understand.

thanks again....


does anyone have a link to Cardio & Resp Goljan audio??



sorry i somehow missed ur reply..

lack of iron means less hemoglobin..which is a stimulus for cell division. hence the stem cells divide more frequently and u get smaller cell volume.

the main important distinguishing characteristics amongst the microcytic anemia whic are HY are the lab studies

here goes my qs

1.what protein binds iron hence wud reflect TIBC

2. what protein reflects marrow stores of iron

3.when iron deficiency occurs, the liver makes more of (1). think of it as trying to catch any available iron coz u need to.

4.which of the above will be elevated in iron def anemia?

also one little point u SHUDNT concentrate on now is that iron def duz not instantly give rise to iron def anemia. first its..hey lets reserve that for later..

( will not use bullets again) they disappear !! sorry

Edited by study_ing on Aug 12, 2006 - 7:02 PM


oh i noticed i already gave u that link...all of goljan audio is in that thread


The link on that page for cardio-resp, doesn't work.


and hey where r my answers smiling face


Sorry, I've just been a bit busy. I'll get to it on my next study break. Thx...

Actually, I didn't exceed my d/l limit, I think the file was deletd...


ure right ..i just checked it...lucky the one they deleted was the one which was least great of them alll!


sorry for not replying sooner. I had trouble understanding what the original question was. But I got it...

In Fe def anemia, yo ushould have elevated transferrin levels!!!


exactly! bcoz ur body needs more iron its gonna synthesize more transferrin in iron def.

the transferin=TIBC ( coz its the carrier for iron)

the protein reflective of iron stores is ferritin.

hence in iron def anemia, TIBC will be __ and serum ferritin ___


oh im sorry the frmat of the q seems different..i had given it wud take a genius to understand that..i'll try fixing it


and if im boring/ repititive or going too fast,do say so!!

wudnt have any pblem in speeding up/slowing down smiling face


Oh..its not you at all. But thank you so much for taking time to explain this all to me.

So, TIBC should also increase; whereas Ferritin levels should be low.


exactly. now saturation is simple.

in iron deficiency anemia, serum iron wud obviously be low but TIBC is high. hance saturation is low.

u can even tell intuitively IRON DEFICIency, what wud saturation be?

Low obviously. if it wer high , it wud be strange

if ure comfortable with this we'll move on to anemia of chronic disease aftr discussing one more point. smiling face


Yep. Lets keep rolling.


wud u expect iron deficieny to manifest as microcytic anemia immediately

or is there a progression

( guess thats obvious now) what is the sequence u think

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