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 post partum fever  

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A 24-year-old white female delivered a healthy baby vaginally at 36 weeks' gestation. She had a prolonged premature rupture of membranes, and on delivery, mid forceps application was required. On the 2nd postpartum day her vital signs were BP of 120/55 mm Hg, temperature of 38.5C, PR of 85 bpm and RR of 18/min. On bimanual examination uterine tenderness and foul smelling lochia are noted. Ultrasound and urinalysis reveal nothing remarkable. What is the pathogen most likely responsible for this patient's condition?

A.Listeria monocytogenes

B.Group B Streptococcus

C.Escherichia coli





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Usually i agree with mysamp, but i´m gonna have to disagree here. First lets diagnose this patient : most likely endometritis, why? 1.intrauterine instrumentation 2. most common cause of postpartum fever 3. uterine tenderness very characteristic 4. foul lochia. The most common pathogen or pathogens is polymicrobial not GBS. so I will go for anaerobes as the answer, E.






your analysis is right juanma0

E is right


E anaerobes.


E nod

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