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 high altitude  

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a 25 yr old man visits a friend living in a mountain at an altitude of 5000 meters after 5 days he has an increase in ventilation rate and a decrease in PaCO2 . which of the following physiologic changes is also expected ?

a decreased production of erythropoietin
b decreased 2,3 DPG
c increased renal excretion of H+ ions
d increased renal excretion of HCO3-
e pulmonary vasodilation


in high altitude , erythropoetin will increase(to increase rbcs), 23 DPG will increase (to shift hb dissociation curve to right), pulm vessels would constrict (their physiologic response to hypoxia) and since there is hyperventilation , the person has low PaCO2 and in a state of respiratory alkalosis. To compensate for this, kidney will excrete HCO3- (trying to do metabolic acidosis as compensation to bring Ph to as close to 7.4 as possible)


its D


ur right guys

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