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 passing despite mistakes  

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What are the cases ?



Mini-Mental Status Examination

Say: I am going to ask you some questions and give you some problems to solve. Please try to answer as best you can.
Check box if correct answer given within 10 seconds
What year is this? (1 point)
What season is this? (1 point)
What month of the year is this? (1 point)
What is todays date? (1 point)
What day of the week is today? (1 point)
What country are we in? (1 point)
What state are we in? (1 point)
What city are we in? (1 point)
What is the name of this hospital? (1 point)
What floor of the building are we on? (1 point)
Say: I am going to name three objects. After I have said all three objects I want you to repeat them. Remember what they are because I am going to ask you to name them again in a few minutes.
Check if correctly repeated on first attempt within 20 seconds. If unable to repeat all three, repeat until they are learned, or up to a maximum of 5 times.
BOY (1 point)
CHAIR (1 point)
BALL (1 point)
Choose either task: Serial 7 subtractions from 100 (5 uniterupted subtractions after initial explanation) or spelling the word "WORLD" backwards after assuring that the patient can spell this word normally.
Score based on approximation to one of the following examples
All correct ( 93, 86, 79, 72, 65) (5 points)
4 correct; 1 wrong (e.g. 93, 88, 81, 74, 67) (4 points)
3 correct; 2 wrong (e.g. 93, 87, 80, 73, 64) (3 points)
2 correct; 3 wrong (2 points)
1 correct; 4 wrong (1 point)
none correct (0 points)
Correct backwards spelling (DLROW) (5 points)
Omission of 1 letter(e.g. DLRW, DLOW) (4 points)
Omission or reversal of 2 letters (3 points)
Omission or reversal of 3 letters (2 points)
Reversal of 4 letters (e.g. DRLWO, LDRWO) (1 point)
No answer (0 points)
Say: Now what were those three items I asked you to remember? Check each correct response regardless of order, allow 10 seconds.
BOY (1 point)
CHAIR (1 point)
BALL (1 point)
Show wristwatch. Say: What is this called?
Patient responds watch or wristwatch within 10 seconds (not clock, time, etc...) (1 point)
Show pencil. Say: What is this called?
Correct response is "pencil", not pen. (1 point)
I'd like you to repeat a phrase after me -- say "no ifs ands or buts."
Correct (exact) repitition within 10 seconds. (1 point)
Show patient a paper with this written command: "CLOSE YOUR EYES."
Patient closes eyes. (1 point)
Ask patient's handedness. Instruct patient to take a piece of paper in the opposite hand, fold it in half once with both hands and place it on the floor (within 30 seconds).
Patient takes paper with the proper hand. (1 point)
Patient folds paper with both hands. (1 point)
Patient places folded paper on the floor. (1 point)
Ask patient to write a complete sentence on a piece of paper (within 30 seconds).
Sentence makes sense (ignore spelling) (1 point)
Show the patient a drawing of two pentagons intersected by a four sided figure. Say: Copy this design please.
Correct drawing within 30 seconds. (1 point)


Total Criteria Point Count:


Mini Mental Status Score Interpretation

24 - 30 Points : May be normal20 - 23 Points : Mild cognitive imparment10 - 19 Points : Moderate cognitive impairment0 - 9 Points : Severe cognitive impaiment

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