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Hi.I got some PMs about my cs prep.So I am giving my 2cents here.But my exam was far from satisfactory.

My ck was on june 30th.cs on july20th. I spent first4 days taking analgesics(after my ck exhaustion) and trvelling on 19th. So put in exactly 14days. So those who have scheduled cs few days after their ck, please keep up your will power and start prep just with one day of break and motrins.

will continue later...


MOST IMP.- Even if u r busy with ck prep and have cs 2-3 weeks after ck, please take out time to find cs partner during last weeks of ck prep. forums+emails.

All my cs cases were covered in UW. I did not do anything else(Yes, paeds case from kaplan).

ON FIRST DAY? I started practising cases with a terrific partner after just reading General history and examination from UW.Also do UW exam videos and ecfmg cd on first day.

I practised everyday 6-8 cases(4me, 4she as the doc).We used to go quickly over the case after the 15minutes.We did cases WITHOUT a pre-read. Then at home, on your own-do same cases/watch UW video/ etc. for 1-2 hours. Throw in 1 day of self-study.Last 1-2 days of self study. ecfmg cd will give u the real feel of the exam centre.

Remember that on exam day,your effeciency 'll be exactly same as your practices- no more,no less. My H/ was good, forgot few things in physical-exam. But I was weak in phys-exam during my practises also.I should have geared up more.Also do some SP note practise,try out the abbreviations listed in ecfmg cd (no need to overdo sp note practise).




Dont take cs if u r planning to ignore either of two.


shall write about empathy tomorrow. should get back to my daughter. She has missed me in last 6-7months of my prep.


hi , 3535,

Thanks for sharing your tips. What is "paeds case from kaplan"?
And I am eager to read your suggestions on Empathy.


In kaplan cs book, there is a list of Qns to be asked in birth+feeding+developmental H/-.


EMPATHY- ok pals ,I know that all of u are aware of the list

#shake hands entering+leaving. no need if you enter and find patient very restless with pain

#pt. blinks eyes, or c/o headache suggestive of meningitis : ask him if he wants you to dim the lights. and do it

#pt. coughs, ask if you should get some water(i didnot get water, i just asked hoping the pt would say no.this saves time).

#pt with bleeding anywhere(rectal/vaginal), even if pt is not scared, reassure pt. "i understand that most pts are scared to see blood like this, but ---blahblah

to be contd


Great! Thank u 3535.



#smile: yeah, u feel stupid. But then so many FMGs fail in comm skills. so please have a pleasant expression at all times. Smile at atleast4 places- entering + leaving + saying"excuseme while i wash my hands" + after answering any challenging Qn "......have i answered your Qn miss XYZ" or " so does that sound good"

#address pt by her name few times

#never have silence in the room.And yes , those who say that talk to pt while washing hands, let me assert that its not at all difficult.I reserved this time to ask occupation H/ .Then said "oh, thats interesting." To homemakers-" well thats a lot of work!" etc


I want to say that all FMGs A R E aware of these empathy points. But i personally know people who either forgot to/ or did not care to do above.

I asked myself why we FMGs dont do it.Although some(?) website mentions that most of us fail in comm skills .I think the answer is when we practise, we just practise H/ & phys.

If we ask ourselves after each practice, how many times I took the pt's name, or how my tone was, it WILL make the difference b/n pasing and failing for us!!

All the best.

Edited by 3535 on Jul 29, 2006 - 2:44 PM


oh yes digi doc's website rocks.


Thanks a lot ! 3535. Totally agree with you! We should not neglect these Emapthy part. I particular like what you mentioned for Meningitis pt.


You are correct 3535!! Practicing empathy helps a lot!!



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