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6 mth girl came for routine health examn. was born with myelomeningocoele, repaired at 2nd day. on examn; ant fontanalle 6x8 cm, post font- 3x4 cm. growth chart -head circumf.

birth- 34.2cm, 1m-36.6cm, 2m-38cm, 4m-44cm, 6m-47cm.
wats the coz of raised ICP.?
a acute cerebral edema
b reduced csf absorption
c obstruction of lateral sinus
d obstruction of S.V.C
e obstruction of csf
f overproduction of


e obstruction of csf


Maybe Overproduction of CSF

Choice F


obstruction to csf flow


csf ouflow obstruction ,myelomeningomyeloceole is often associated with aronald chiari malformation type 2(csf obs and herniation of medulla and cerebellar toNSILS THRO FORAMEN MAGNUM`


nihal has said it. its arnold chiari 2.

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