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 My experience: finding out I passed in 2 attempts  

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It´s funny, we all started, with a lot of confusion, in fact I decided to start studying one year ago and by the time I took it the first time I still was confused. After realizing I didn´t pass and getting back on track, I started noticing that what I study before was still in my mind (after I though I forgot everything!) This time repetition was my clue.

The second time I took it more seriously with Kaplan books, especially Bioch, Anatomy (plus neuro).

In regards with BRS pathology, the 2nd time I didn´t use it BUT I have already read it a lot, so basically FA helped me to refresh pathology. The thing I was pissed off about was all the time I dedicated to Micro Ridiculously Simple the 1st time and it didn´t help, so the 2nd time I only re-read the tables in the back of each chapter and review from the FA.

Behavioral- FA is enough

Biost I will say FA is enough but you need to have some basic background because is very difficult to understand all of those equations without prior knowledge, for example, I was told BRS Behavioral, last chapters, you can find information that may help you for biost. In my particular experience, for the 1st test I read it, I barely understood it, the 2nd time I didn't bother and went only with FA, just memorizing the equations, anyway, both tests I got only like 2 or 3 q´s were you needed the equations, so it depends on what you want to prioritize.


Anatomy- barely FA

BS, Biost- FA

Bioch- Kaplan (just read it once or twice)

Microbiology- looot of Microbiology made Ridiculously Simple, almost none FA

Immunology- FA, this topic is high yield, I also read some of imm from Boards and Wards

Pathology- plenty BRS, FA, Goljan (I was good in pathology alone, the problem was I didn´t focus on the -so called´- mechanisms and Pathophysiology.

Pharmacology- read FA barely

Physiology- same thing with Path, I studied Constanzo´s big book! , but this was my first time understanding it pretty well, it was very hard to remember.

My 2nd time

Goljan- I focused more on the first days were it explains a lot of basic stuff and mechanisms which help you to understand other things

Anatomy- Kaplan!, I read it thoroughly because 1st time- lots of q´s. My main focus now was to master plexuses and Neuroanatomy (innervation, irrigation, what happens if this or that nerve or vessel gets damage, etc.) anyway, 2nd time just one direct q on anatomy!

BS, Biost- FA

Bioch- Kaplan... repeated it like a thousand times; Genetic section, I barely touched it

Micro- FA!

Immuno- FA! (complemented it with Boards and Wards)

Path- this time I just reviewed with FA and Goljan

Physiology- Having read that much for phys the 1st time helped me a lot in remembering for the second time. I read BRS here and there and memorize some things from FA, but since this part is questioned basically in regards with Pathology, listening to Goljan helped me a lot to put it all together, don´t get me wrong, you don´t need Goljan just to pass this test, in fact my boyfriend never heard it and pass 210, it's just that is a good thing if you get bored of reading all the time to heard it, I also heard that it is a great resource if you use it with the notes to ace the test (some of the trick q´s I got I could answer after understanding Goljan, then I asked them to my boyfriend and he had no idea!!!
In regards to my scores, I really don´t remember how I was with the Q-book, but Q-bank (1st time) I was mostly having 50´s (as my studying partner, who passed it). The second time I was having scores of about 80´s. Sample q´s that they give you, the first time I founded them pretty hard and got more or less 40´s, but the 2nd time I got somewhere in the 70´s.

Now, after all this time, i did the Oasis trick and finally pass!!! now, waiting for the score...

Good luck and hope this helped!






congratulations, good luck for your score.


Thank you all!!!

epica: I don´t know about the % number you are talking about, if it is what I think, you need more than 65% to pass this test, if you got 65% I believe you almost passed, but I´m really not sure about these numbers. In the other hand: of course is possible to pass!!!
What you are feeling right now is very common... Just NEVER give up.. I have a friend who passed it in his 3rd attempt after a score as low as 140 (need 182 to pass).
My score the first time was 179-73
Try to understand your weak areas, for example, mine was how to choose between the two final answers after I eliminated the others.
Take a deep breath and go on.
Good luck

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