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 My first journal entry!  

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Hey everybody, been an active but inconsistent observer/poster on this website for almost two years since I've graduated from medical school in manila. This forum has had such a major impact on my STEPs prep in good and bad ways.

Just a brief background I'm an Asian-American-IMG, wow so many hyphenated's. Some may recognize my poster name and read some of my posts. Was just purusing through the journal section and thought it was an awesome idea so I decided to start my journal. Hopefully, for those are studying for step 2-CK or have finished can offer some positive input or feedback on my proposed daily journal logs. Well, just finished step 1 on June 29th, and rested for about 3 days to enjoy my summer for a bit. And now I'm back on the ball.. and hopefully we can all motivate each other since I'm desperately trying to beat burnout from step1.

So here goes. The plan: I'm done with the CS, and just waiting for my results for step1.. which is killing me by the way.. My eligibility period is for Sep-Nov, but I plan to take it by end of Sept. This is my strategy, again please provide any input that would be helpful for not only myself but for others.

A. Just using Kaplan materials and DVD lectures as opposed to the New York Medical Reference Library I had at home I used to stud for step1!... I never learn....

B. Plan to either read Crush or FA last 2 weeks

C. USMLE world and/or Kaplan Q-bank, with priority on the former

Status: I've read Gastro and Endo in the internal medicine kaplan manual. My approach is this, which I didn't do for step 1 but something my first year biochem prof taught me.. I pre-read the chapter, watch and listen to DVD lectures, outline notes on my laptop focusing on DX/TX/RX of the diseases discussed, then I go back and re-read the chapter. Have to admit this is a long and arduous process, but things make much more sense and easier to retain.. and by then I've done 2 reads. disadvantage... it studying at a glacier's pace!

Question: Do any of you guys think i should supplement my readings with a question source? or do you think I should wait till i get done with everything? As it is I'll probably be done by Christmas

Well, got to finish pre-reading rheuma.. hit me up guys.. with feedback or questions if your following a similar track.. Peace


Hello... your plan seems fine, gotta keep feeding your journal otherwise it won´t be useful to you. And yes!!!! question banks are key during your preparation, so do as many questions as your wallet and time allows you.

Good luck


Thanks ishter.. yeah your right.. need to keep up with my journal. Just hate posting when i accomplished so little that day. Anyway, any advice on which Q-bank? was thinking of signing up for Kaplan step 2 q bank to use as practice then do UW as my gage and assessment tool.. any advice?

Since last journal entry.. have covered.. Rheum, Prev med and 1st reading of EM, half way through the videos and planning on rereading EM, revising my notes, and pre-read Cardio.. Really anxious about my step 1 score since everyone seems to be getting theirs back these days..

Till my next entry..


Back on track! hmm, havent posted on my prep journal coz honestly, too anxious about my results from step 1. Really need to pass it.. or will screw up my whole schedule. Anyway, finish my ED and now on Cardio, done with the dvd lecs and working on my first read and notes. Didnt pre-read cardio too long. will try to go back to this later.. Goal, finish Im and review notes by end of the week. Will be more consistent with my journal entries after results get back.

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