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 Will a residency in home country help application  

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering, I think I am going to finish all steps by march 2007, so I am going to have from march 2007 to June 2008 free, before starting hopefully a residency in 2008, wo I was wondering if I should enter into residency in my home country, to fill that year?

Would being in a residency in your home country at the time of application and interview be considered a plus, since you might have experience in your field,??, or it would be considered a bad thing because you are applying to another program and you are going to quite your current one??

Does anyone have any experience with this, or been in a similar situation, bbb, perhaps you can have some input on this.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!


Of course it will help - especially if it's the field that you are looking to do in the USA. It's real patient care and that's a good thing.


Thank you bbb, for replying so quickly, I must add, that right now I am the attending physician and medical director of a health promotion center, so I am seeing patients, would being in a residency of my choice be better than working in this setting?



Sorry, that's a question that I don't know the answer too. Let me see if I can check with some of the bosses here and get an answer.


thank you bbb, I also have another choice of trying to teach a subject in a local medical school, so these are all things that I want to do, but I also want to make sure I don't only do the thing that I most want, but rather the thing that will help my curriculum the most, of course I plan greads in the 90's in the steps, I am going to be able to get an observership, and maybe a clerkship, I have great letters of recommendation from professor MD's in the US, so the gap of 2007 to 2008, not sure if I should:

1.- Do a year in a residency in my home country

2.- Teach at a local medical school

3.- Keep my general practitioner job as a practicing physician and medical director of an nong-gov health promotion center.

4.- Or try salsa dance lessons, learn a language, return to karate lessons, do volunteer work and do this things that would make me a more rounded person, in other words try to enjoy and do extracurricular activities before I enter the stress of a residency, jeje.

Thanks you very much for your time and advice.


yolanda do 3 and star on 4. 2 wouldn't be a bad idea since you will be reviewing material anyway. But it could be a little bti too mcuh already. Remember the Steps take a lot of time and energy. Stick to 3 and 4.


Thank you Silatk and bbb!!

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