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 GI bleed  

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A known patient of APD presented in ER with severe abdominal pain and vomiting choclate coloured blood. Damage to what artery has most probably caused this bleeding?

a) Splenic artery
b) left gastric artery
c) gastro-deudenal artery
d) inferior pancreatico-deudenal artery
e) gastro-epiploic artery


Im not sure if that stands for
Acute appendicitis
Alports Disease
Acute Polycytic Kidney Disease
Acute Pancreatic disease
Apert disease
Amine precursor uptake decarboxylation
Aspariginase deficiency
Apolipoprotein deficiency
Action potential duration :?: :?:


its for acid-peptic disease
I appologize for any inconv.


it is the gastroduodenal artery, it lies posterior to the first part of duodenum.


gastrodouodenal arteries


correct, dudenal ulcers are more likely to bleed and its due to gastrodud a.

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