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 uterine contractions  

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Can the pregnant patient tell whether they are having uterine contractions or labour pains?


primigravida cannot i think , can misinterpret false labour as a true one , but a multigravida can recognise .


Is there any female doctor alive who has children too who can answere this question?


Hey i am a man but i have seen a lot of pregnant patients. I will go for YES, definitely they can tell when they have contractions. I studied in a government run medical college in india and we did not have so many sophisticated machines to monitor everything. I can remember a lot of times "we, the obgyn team" asking the pregnant patients to tell us how many contractions they got in 10 minutes. Also i remember asking patients the time between two contractions. and they did, So i must conclude that patients know when they have uterine contractions. And they definitely, without a doubt can tell they are going in labour. because that means sustained longer contractions and much more frequent.

I will go with a BIG YES.




I´d prefer to say (no). but just in case you have adecuate gadgets to asist and document the woman´s feelings. is less risky

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