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 Why do IMGs do what they do?  

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Why do we give up positions back home that others would kill for, for an ever elusive residency out here?

Why do we travel this far for "greener pastures" which we can generate where we come from?

What dream could be so rosy to give up our friends and families for an alien land which doesn't discriminate per se, and has equal opportunity (but only requires that we have 1 year of clinical experience and US recommendations)?

I am neither bitter nor a cynic, I am not one of those guys indulging in the "self-pity rhetoric"...and I am not on prozac.(ok, maybe I should be on it then)

Dunno guys, just feel "disillusioned" today, tired for this eternal struggle for my place under the sun...sorry for venting out like this!



it's ok LifeInTheFastLane (that's a long nickname, by the way grin ).

I have also asked that same question to myself so many times. Why ? am i doing the best option for me ? really? couldn't i do it in my home country (without need of being discriminated, for instance) ? will it be so worth it as to be far away from my family and my fiancee (this latter, for several months, at least)? ...

i don't have a definitive answer anymore, i've walked through this road for a long time that now i should continue, it's like being exactly in the half of the way and have to make a decision: to continue or to come back. i must continue... i want to try it, at least and try to see the other half of the way and the end of the way, if possible. If not, i always can come back to my dear home country.

smiling face i hope to be clear with my message.


so, i feel very similar to you buddy.

we also quit to chances/residency programs/jobs in our home country that hundreds would kill for. And more, then get into a bad to regular program in the states. And more, some of us (IMGs) have to change their specialities of choice only to be able to get into a spot there (because there are extremely competitive specialities that are basically reserved for US graduates).

I just hope that all this effort that all of us are doing be worth it "at the end of the day" and make us happy that is the final goal of everybody. God will help us and guide us.

In any case:

Which are the real/true/good reasons to do it?? to go to USA to study any medical residency? or which should be our reasons or our motivation to keep going ?


Edited by chemamr on Jun 02, 2006 - 6:00 PM


I guess you are right Chemamr...I guess self-doubt becomes a way of life for many a struggler...

p53, I know money spins the game for most of us...but honestly, for me, if it were not for this self created "financial" black hole...I would gladly exchange my to come "splendid" future for a mediocre of this self-deception that I will land this great residency and then pursue this fantastic fellowship...and then drive home in my 300 SL Merc..

Damn, cant keep the shadows out of my post!!

sorry guys, dont mean to depress guys already have enough BS on your platters to think about mine....goodluck!


i guess the message by p53 was deleted. rolling eyes

by the way, where are you from? and what residency are you going to apply?

i'm from mexico and i'm aiming for IM.


i got married to an i guess i stepped in that one myself...i still miss home, and while i was studying for the board exams i almost went back home so many times...well hopefully after we get into residency things will get better...hang in there people...


once u decide on somethin in life.. dont ever look back.. just go out there and win.. u cant get careless by self doubt.. the job, the job and only the job at hand..

fight the power




we have to continue guys.once you are here there's not way going back to our countries. Things are so different here but if we want to pursue a residency here we have to play this country rules


Chemamr, I am going to try for IM too.

This journey for me has been like walking on the shores of a sea raging with the fury of the storm: the waves have wiped out the footprints I have left on the sands of time and so, as pete says, I cannot trace them back.

I try not to look behind, but circumstance has it otherwise.

But what the heck, I know there must be people who have made it from worse situations; if they didn't wince or cry out loud, what makes me do that??

I hope we all make it!!


i hope we all do it, too nod

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