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frontal, drk1980 & som,
we all require inspiration & guidance from each other till we all get residency.
I read psych four times during step 1, so felt no need to read it again during step 2.
in fact I got asterisk in psych during real exam.
Let me write more about UW. how to use it? I think tutor mode & doing 5 to 10 q subject wise is a good way to do UW. kaplan q bank is good for time mode base practice.uw give many useful information. I wrote it down either in kaplan or first aid.also took active part in prep forum by putting & answering as many q as possible during my step 2 prep period.


15 march to 15 april
exam is less than 45 days away.
time to do kaplan q bank on line,
did all q in time mode in block of 25 or 50.
most helpful tip from kaplan.
read q once only do not read & answer but read ,think & answer.
I found it most useful tip ever recieved.
finished all q in 20 days .got 78%.
I found that in real exam q are more like kaplan than UW.
No one can ignore kaplan, they may be costly but very high yield.
now only three week for the exam time 7 april, time for taking NBME tests


srf your journal is really helping me plan my things. thanks a lot.


if I were you I would have done NBME 3 in tutor mode [3 is easy than 2 in my opnion] than NBME 2 in tutor mode but doing it as if it is time mode.than also take medicine NBME test in tutor mode during last days. good luck to you. you deserve much better score than 450. any thing below 90 is injustice to you. IN fact you , babli, frontal , rasul , yasmeen & few other should not have problem in getting score well above 90.
babli will get 99 for sure.
now my NBME 1 TEST .three week before exam.
did it in time mode.
time was not problem for me, got 510.but I was physically & mentally exhausted after the test.
lessons learned from NBME 1 test.
1] I need more physical stamina, so started doing execise for 15 minutes daily
2] I also needed to increase my mental stamina for that I started taking deep breaths for several minutes, a sort of meditation with eye closed.very helpful in real exam during break time.
3] my heart rate still increases when I see unfamiliar q. this is not good. I must accept that there will be so many q in real exam, the answer of which I will not be decided to do new q from pretest every familiar with unfamiliar q! I need more reading in some area.


two week before the exam,
took NBME 2 in time mode got 550,
but what about wrong answer .how to recollect them all?
I thought that it is better to take NBME in tutor mode but do it as if it is a time mode.
in tutor mode we get 4 hour per block so after finishing block within hour we have time to look at all q again.
continued revision of weak area.


nice to see u here after a long time srf. ur journal is so motivating.


yup, good to see you posting again.


time:22 week before exam.
am I ready for it? predict my score as follow
UW 63% = 222 one & half month before
kaplan 78% =243 three week before
NBME 550 = 228 at that time
little short of target but not bad.
total reading kaplan notes two times
total q done=7800
2000 UW
1600 kaplan q bank online
850 kaplan q book
850 kaplan step 3 q book.
500 pretest q
time for NBME 3 in tutor mode got 630.
what a happy moments.
right time to take exam.


Hi Srf

your post is really motivating.Pls post regularly. I need some adv from you. I've my test on Aug-1st wk.So far I've done following:

KP-1st reading w KP q bank----timed mode Got 71%

KP-2nd reading +UW-1600 q done till now- did subj wise-timed mode-68%

will be done w UW by the end of june--since I've started doing 3rd reading simultaneously.

now how shld i study the lst month--left w Q book also.Pls give me some adv. THX in adv & best of luck.


I think you are on right track. last month is very important. it is like running last rounds of marathon. It makes all the difference.most important thing which one can & should do is to strengthen weak areas. Do all incorrect question again. know it well .why you got them wrong? you should aslo finish kaplan q book.
what else can tell you about your weakness than NBME TESTS?
do some new questions everyday,so that during exam when you see unfamiliar q you will not be much worried.
now my last week before exam.
I read my notes during last week.I think this is not a time to read new topics .I read charts ,bold line notes from books.[kaplan notes]
did pre test q , they are easy but good.
I did 150 q given in usmle cd,got 88% correct. usmle cd q is good for maintaining our confidence.
I looked at pictures & photos from Harisson.they are nicely given in Harrison. it takes less than hour.but rewarding.
Last day before exam is day for relaxation.
To remain calm & relax during exam is a big task. we have to work for it also. now study is over but maintaining calmness & confidence is the only task left for me.

Edited by srf on Jun 26, 2006 - 6:11 AM


exam day 29 april,
first block,
no matter how well you think yourself prepared for step 2 ,step 2 will not fail to test you severely.
alas ,I realized this in my very first block.
I could answer 50% to 60% correct with confidence, 20 % to 30% close to correct but difficult to select between close two ,10 % no clue to questions or options.
there & then I knew this is not a perfomance of 99 er. I marked 7 question, but because of tension of time limit I could not think differently.
what about next block. would it be more difficult or less difficult?
block 2.
easy one.
70 to 80 correct, 10 to 20 % close to correct,less than 10% pure guess.
this could be that of 99 er.


block 3,4,6,7,8
nearly similar,
60 % correct ,30% narrowed choices to two or three, 10 % pure guess.
I consider them as o.k. blocks.
block 5.
80 % correct, easiest one I got, in remaining 20% I could narrow choices.finished this block 10 minutes earlier [and also block 2]
correct or incorrect I never verified even a single q.what is the use of all those exercise?
Had I tried to recollect, total number of q recollected would have been less than 10%.
I remembered a nice quote by paramhansa yogananda.
"past is gone for ever,future is beyond your reach, so live present moments supremely well. that will white wash your dark past & compel the future to be bright."
I am trying to follow this advise.

Edited by srf on Jul 13, 2006 - 2:57 PM


hi srf,
great to read ur post..can u pls give me some advise..
did u do d pretests of al d subjects?can u pls tell me how 2 go abt stdn biostats,epidemio..i chekd d family med site u recommended..shud i chek that out or nms review book wth 5 tests?also i havn't given step one..what are d absolutely must revise topics from there?
these are 2 many questions,i know..will really appreciate ur help..
gud luck with ur residency..


Hi anne06,
I did pretest of all subject .the pretest q are easy but informative. I did them in a week before exam to keep my morale high during that crucial time.
I got many q from site,i think it is helpful in step 3 also.
I did nms five tests in step 1 but not in step2 because of lack of time.if you have time do them.the more q you do the better it is.but if q is about priority , than my priority is kaplan,uw,familyphysician site q &NBME test in must do category,pretest,kaplan step 3,first aid 2 & others are optional depending on availability of time.
immunology,pathology,biostats,epidemio,psychiatry are must to do step1 topic but I am afraid to say to you that the list of topic may not be complete.
thanks for your good wishes, good luck to you for ck.

Edited by srf on Jul 05, 2006 - 5:02 AM


hey srf,
u are really helpful..thank u so much..


post exam feeling,
I thought that was not my best perfomance.I could have done better.but I was lucky to have two easy blocks. Damage done in very first block was compensated by those two blocks.
overall not bad. I can expect my score around 90. would be very happy if I get above 90.that all will depends on the fact that what I consider right answer are really right?
result came on 27 may 97/241,
I got much more than expected,
that is all that I wanted to say. I thought it may help someone .I am happy to learn that it has served the I am waitng for my cs result. my cs perfomance was not so good. that is why I have not said any thing about it. .perhaps I might need some guidance for that exam.


hi srf,
cud u pls tell me what % of qts have 2 be answered rite 4 scoring above 90th percentile..
best of luc 4 ur c.s results..


Hi anne06,
if one gets 60 % correct, 30 % may or may not be correct,not more 10 % incorrect than probably one can get around 75 % correct over all.that is well above 90th percentile.


thanx srf..i think 4 now i should focus on getn those 60%qts absolutely rite..

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