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 pyloric stenosis  

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What is most characteristic finding in acquired pyloric stenosis

a- Vomiting immediately after eating

b-Vomiting 1 hr after eating

3-Abdo distention

4-repeated vomiting during day

5-Vomiting undigested particles.


pyloric stenosis acquired can be of two types. Due to a kissing ulcer and due to a malignancy pylorus. if it is a maliganncy there would not be a big distension. if it is due to kssing ulcer and stenosis it would have massive peristalitic wave and distension.

i go for B here as udigested particles can also be seen in esophageal diverticula


I'll go with b too.

msyamp : The causes you've mentioned would be applicable to adults.I remember having read somewhere that pyloric stenosis in infants is now thought to be acquired(even though there are instances of prenatal and neonatal diagnosis). I'll dig up the link and post it soon.


Read more on pyloric stenosis here.


my choice is b.

plz post the right answer and explanation


B too.



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