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 46 days to go  

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hi guys ,

well, had some personal problems to sort it out , from today on i have to be serious i m starting my own diary......

done with :kaplan lectures , and read once ,and usmleworld ,left with pyschiatry and peadiatrics in usmleworld

things to be done:usmleworld pyschiatry , pediatrtics,kaplan Q bank , kaplan q book , usmleworld revision and kaplan revision,nbme ...

sacred abt :my pace , and feeling of getting over with this ,

todays's schedule:wanna be done with usmleworld pyschiatry

duration of sleep :6 hours

routiene:15 minutes break after every 45 minutes




hi guys . , i finished psychiatry , and i m gonna do pediatrics UW , will be finishing it by another two days wasted my day in shoping , and now back to studies ..........

will study for atleast 4 hours today


44 days to go , wasted today by watching television for atleast 4 hours ......came back to studies ..............did a block of pediatrics in usmleworld ......will try to finish another two blocks today


Good going karusmle. Best of luck.


thanks frontal , did two blocks in pediatrics , wasted alot of time , goddddddd plz give me the wisdom to get serious ,....tomorrow onwards i will move faster no matter what!!!


did a block in usmleworld in pediatrics , well will try to do my maximimum today .,feeling sleepy after having a heavy breakfast.....will try to finish pediatrics by today


keep going karusmle...good ... this hard work will surely pay off. i have the same problem. i am never able to finish what i think of. but well lets just keep working. good luck.


prioritize things and DO them.

Difficult to carry out duties at difficult times.Take a break, but give required amount of time and interest to usmle whenever u take it..keep visa issues in mind.all the best.


thanks achilles and 3535 , i do have personal problem , but i cant waste my life for that ....i have one priority and only one that is usmle .............


keeping my visa issues in mind , that is the reason y i cant postpone my exams 3535..............all my dates r set .............


Hey karusmle:

Thanks for your words on my journal. Sorry to hear you are having personal difficulties; while I was preparing for step 1 my dad was fighting against a nasty cancer. Was tough to keep concentrated (when you are alone in front of the book, your mind can be very mean to you), but what helped me was to find something related to my problem that counteracted the depression and gave me a reason to keep working... for instance, I wanted to ace the exan and give my old man a reason to be proud. I'm sorry to intrude, just want to show you another perspective of bad situations... sometimes that's all needed to do good stuff.

Keep the good work!

PS: after chemo, my dad is fine now...smiling face


smiling face thats a gr8 attitude isther.

i havent been at my best for the last 2-3 days. i was just getting tired and wasnt doing my best. you just gave me some inspiration. something i used to say to myself too but i had not done so for sometime now was reminded by you again. thanks isther.

and it was good to hear that your dad is fine now.

ps: hey karusmle...everyone has personal problems. if i were to list them then it would look like one of those long lists in our medicine textbooks. but well, lets just keep working hard.


hi kar
nice to see u backsmiling face and good to see u going good now.lets forget everything and concentrate on step 2.
remember what u told me-dont stop ...bacause then u will not only be left behind but will get run over.i still remember and am still running.thanksnod


you r an inspiration ,isther.good to know ur dad is fine now and he must be proud of u.

i have my exam in 2 weeks, kar and too cant postpone it for personal trying to study hard and i just hope and pray that i do well.good luck to all u guys

When you're weary, it means you've been making a difference. Keep going and see it through.
When each obstacle is more difficult than the one before, it means you're making real progress.
Persist, and make it all count for something great.

good luck everybody and pray for me . i'm sooo scaredsadsad


hi isther ,

u r inspiring to me too , that is a real tough situation to go thro in step 1 , hats off to u ......will pray for ur dad.......

hi acemle , thanks for reminding me those words , those words were from my bottom of my heart,thats absolutely true ,i can understand ur situation now , work as hard as possible ,as u dont have to go thro another exam like this ,rememerb step 3 is an optional exam,,,..........give ur best like never u r gonna study in ur life again.......

hi achilles ,thanks for ur words,...all the best


wasted e=yesterday evening , spoke to my friends and family members for 3 hours ....felt nice after that , did few questions in pediatrics this morning , wanna finish pediatrrics questions by today afternoon , and start opthal ,ent usmleworld questions ...........


Hi Kar,

I somehow felt that i am too illiterate to discuss anything with you. So I shyed off from the discussion. Sorry for that. Working hard to get the most of the situation. All the best and glad to know that you ahve your date in 46 days!!!!. All the best. I am sorry again and do well.


Hi Kar,

I somehow felt that i am too illiterate to discuss anything with you. So I shyed off from the discussion. Sorry for that. Working hard to get the most of the situation. All the best and glad to know that you ahve your date in 46 days!!!!. All the best. I am sorry again and do well.


hi syam , plz dont say u r an illiterate ,common on man , i never took it bad , u were doing really well , anyway hoping to discuss during our last days ......plz dont ask sorry ........all the best


well from morning i did only one block of questions , will try to finish pediatrics by today and wanna do eye and ent ........

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