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 Yasmeen, please check the facts  

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Candidiasis is not sexually transmitted infection. It occurs in Antibiotic usage, Corticosteroid usage, Diabetes, Obese individuals, Preterm babies and in Hiv pateints.

Sexual partner need not be treated (CLASSIC BOARD QUESTION) as it is not sexually transmitted.

Ref: Kaplan material, for that matter any text book.


i agree my what u say but it can b transmitted fromdirect contact.partner shouldn,t b treated only if asymptomatic.


candida is not considered STD because it can occur also in celibate women ( for all the reasons you mention) but it can be sexually transmited. In fact there are studies that show that penile colonization is 4 time greater in men, parteners of a women with candida, and commonly carry the same strains.



Candidiaisis is not contagious. It is a fungal infection which grows on skin or mucous membrane when the predisposing factors are present.

Check this link


i didn,t say its contagious i meant to say it ican be transmited by sexual contact.


genital candidiasis can be transmitted through sexual intercourse but this is rare. it is not common, but it can happen. an asymptomatic partner need not be treated. but if partner is symptomatic and is confirmed to have candidiasis then he should be treated too.

yasmeen, one thing intrigued me and i had even forgotten about it until i read this discussion. if it can be transmitted by sexual contact then why dont we call it a STD. we always say its not an STD.


std means diseases whose major mode of spread is by sexual contact which is not in case of candida vaginalis so its not included in std.


that's right. thanks.


no, it´s not a sexually transmited diseace

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