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 constriction of the pupil  

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A 66-year-old diabetic man presents with constriction of the pupil, drooping of the upper lid and enophthalmos on the left. Which one of the following nerves is most likely involved?

1) oculomotor

2) sympathetic

3) trochlear

4) trigeminal

5) abducent


2) sympathetic




achilles it's horner syndrome & Good luck for exam!


agree with 2)


too good babli...agree with 2..........


smiling face yes, agree with 2. this is what happens when you see just this in a question and solve it in a hurry. i saw diabetic patient, ptosis and boom i go for oculomotor(the most commonly affected cranial nerve in diabetics).

and yes, its horner's syndrome. thanks babli.

ps: btw in oculomotor nerve involvement there is dilatation of the pupil


thoracocervical dilatation can also cause the same symtoms as well as sympathetic nerve involvement (compression of the sympathetic nerve and also denervation not functioning properly)

Diabetics do indeed affect oculomotor nerve and cause similar problems of miosis,



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