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 All are known to cause depression EXCEPT:  

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All are known to cause depression EXCEPT:


Cyclosporine ?
Where you get these questions? They are not MCC samples?

Go to the MCCQE website and they have 200 sample questions !

MCCEE=MCCQE except QE has the Canadiana health care system ! specific for Canadian exam


found them in a website. I guess they are remembered qs.

  #4 from this website.


Cimetidine-causes psychosis


Actually ALL causes psychosis

I did Transplant rotation at the medical school and almosts everyone is on cyclosporine and they are either depressed or psychotic (I am serious)

And many need psychiatric consultation.

So I say ALL cause psychosis.

This is based on my clinical experience



You should get this website three months ago by Google.

They have a closed website and need password, I don't know anyone at Queens University at kingston, Ontario.

It is never toooooooooo late because you need to take MCCQE Part 1 and 2.

It is the best to get someone from Queens or U of Toronto to get the inside questions

I have this website 1 year ago and did all the questions but I don't know all the answers


given answer is cyclosporine, but I`m sure it is not a cause too. It`s a wrong remembered question I guess


Actually, cimetidine depression is described in literature, but not as many cases.
Then again, I might be wrong


I think the correct answer is cyclosporine.

Cyclosporine does not cause depression but those patients in my TRANSPLANT SERVICE are depressed not because they are on cyclosporine but so many medical problems !

I remembered every TRANSPLANT patients are on cyclosporine and they are either depressed or psychotic (more delirium ), so we have an attending psychiatrist right at the SURGERY TRANSPLANT unit.

I remembered we did heart transplant and the lucky medical student scrubed in to hold the heart.

But lucky or not lucky, he had to go in for an almosts 6-8 hours surgery ! 8 hours surgery !!!


Also DM Type I will cause adjustment disorder with depressed mood



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