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 full-term infant is born 36 h after rupture o.memb  

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A full-term infant is born 36 hours after rupture of the amniotic membranes. The infant develops tachypnea and has a left shift in the white cell count of 35%. In your choice of antibiotics, ampicillin offers an advantage over penicillin for which of the following potential pathogens?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

1) Group A Streptococcus

2) Group B Streptococcus

3) Enterococcus faecalis

4) Listeria monocytogenes

5) Escherichia coli




2) Group B Streptococcus


E coli.


full-term----->E COli------> treated with ampicillin

premature infant-----------> less than 34 weeks----------> GBS---------->Group B strept

Full-term infants-----------> infection from the intestines------->E.coli

premature infants---------> GBS------> colonization from the vagina------->Mom's urinary tracts and colonized at the vagina


thanks AAAA for clarification.


thanks AAAAA


neonatal sepsis a common cause is why not listeria in this case?


I agree with babli...intrapartum ampicillin reduces incidence of group B strep and with rupture of the membranes for more than 18 hours.


raised eyebrow Ampicilin is the best choice for Listeria ... especially derived from cheese (cotage)


i agree with listeria...the q is not about the most common pathogen according o age but the therapeutic advantage of ampicillin.

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