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26 yo woman is ds with schizophrenia. The psychiatrist decides to treat her with a high-potency antypsychotic med. Which of the following is the appropriate choice:
a. Thiothixene(Navane)
b. chlorpromazine(Thorazine)
c. trifluoperazine(Stelazine)
d. Thioperidol(thiodol)
e. Daslaperizone(Daxplar)


Dear msyamp! This was so far the meanest psych question I've ever encountered-it's from Appleton & Lange review-the answer is A.Apparently choces c, d and e are made up, there are no such meds. According to them, the preferance should be given to Navane, coz it's new and strong, vs thorazine, which is older and lower-potency.
My answer was e-sounded just like risperidone!


Don't use Appleton and Lange as study guide.

They are out of steps !

Exam never asks questions like that

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