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 incompetent with respect to self care?  

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Which one of the following would justify a patient's being declared incompetent with respect to self care?

1) The patient has a major mental disorder.

2) The patient has been admitted to hospital.

3) The patient is undergoing psychotherapy.

4) The patient is unable to understand the consequences of his/her decisions.

5) The patient is unable to work because of a mental disorder.


the patient has been admitted in the hospital ? The question is a little vague - do they mean the patient lived alone, was found in a bad physical /hungry, dehydrated etc/and mental condition and brought to the hospital?




4 is correct


The patient has been admitted to the hospital: means he (she) is an in-patient.

Does not answer the question that the patient is competent or not !




why not 5?


patient might not be able to work in a high demanding job in todays competitive world but may be able to take a right decision about his health


You brought out a good point about "acute" event for an executive who is not able to do his job?

So what is the diagnosis?


Unable to work because of mental disorder does not mean imcompetent

Able to work and does a super job also does not mean he or she is not incompetant !

Delusional disorder or paranoid disorder does not interfere with one's work and they normally have odd belief but does not interfere with their work.

Also patients with paranoid disorder can be "incompetent" but able to do a very good job and excellent job but may have odd belief of of understanding his/her decision.

So work performance is not assciated with imcompetance !!!


i'd say 4 too
as regards 5 a person may be unable to function professionally (higher mental functions needed) but may still be able to care for self. interesting q, btw

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