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A 5-year-old girl is admitted to the Children's Hospital after swallowing an undisclosed number of her mother's ASA tablets. She is hypotensive, flushed and tachypneic. Which of the following acid-base disturbances would be most likely?

1) pH low ; HCO3 low ; pCO2 high

2) pH normal ; HCO3 high; pCO2 low

3) pH low; HCO3 low; pCO2 high

4) pH low; HCO3 high; pCO2 low

5) pH high; HCO3 high; pCO2 high


1 and 3 are the same options. maybe one of them had low pCO2 as an option.

answer actually should be - pH low;HCO3 low and pCO2 low and also potassium is reduced.




1 AND 3 R SAMEraised eyebrow


agree with achilles ...pH low, HCO3 low, pco2 low....


sorry, you are right.There is something wrong...


4 is correct

Trust me and believe me 4 is correct !

ASA overdose is very complicated and pH low, HCO3 High, and CO2 low


AAAAA can u explain how pH can be low when HCO3 is high and PCO2 is low?????raised eyebrow

Edited by mesh on Apr 29, 2006 - 5:40 AM


whats your source AAAAA ??



stage 1 ventilatory stimulation decreased pCO2,increased pH(resp alkalosis).
stage 2 increased renal bicabonate excretion(compensated resp alkalosis)
stage 3 respiratory acidosis medullary ventilation depression decreased pH.
metabolic acidosis acidic salicylate accumulates increased lactic acid prod & released into blood decreased pH by 2nd process.
stage 4 profound metabolic & resp acidosis.


1 and 3 are thr answer

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