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 please help about hx taking  

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dear seniors:
I'm an IMG and don't know how to ask the patient to take hx of following information, could you please help.
1. relationship of food to pain
2. weakness/numbness
3. urgency
4. melena
5. ill contact
6. shaking (seizure)
7. ear pulling
8. progression of the pain
9. progression of the fatigue during the day
10. change of the cough during the day
11. aura
12. fad diet or diet pills
13. douching

should I just use the words above? thank you very much!!!


Why ? Did you learn this in medical school in the third year and fourth year ?

I went to medical school and had to see 21 patients (in-patients) a day while I was on call 36 hours every three days.

When I was an intern, it was 36 hours every two days.

Welcome to the real medicine in America


It is normal for IMG who has difficulty in asking by english

Certainly all doctor learn this in medical school but not in english for non english speaker doctor


I'm sorry, just want to ask the correct way to take hx in english.
e.g. should I ask
1. do you have shaking?
2. have you ever done douching?
3. how does your pain progress?
4. do you feel urgent beofore urination? or do you ever not make it to the toilet on time?

thank you.


31? That is nothing. How about 58 patients a day as an intern and in medical school depending on the area but around 25 a day was the average and that is not counting training in the ER. Welcome to the reality of medicine in other parts of the world!!!!!!!!! O yeah and the interview was in more than one language sometimes.

lysander do not be sorry for asking. I suggest you try UW. And also read as many cases as possible. If neccessary buy more than 1 book for CS.

Good Luck!!

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