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this forum has given me a lot. i owe a lot of my success to this and today as my journey of residency hunt has come to an end ( with my visa approval notice reaching me soon) and as my new life as a resident will begin, I want to post this list of hospitals sponsoring H 1 visa for the field of OB GYN .
i have compiled this list by calling up each and every program personally that is mentioned here.
i did not have this when i set out on my applications ,,i hope this will help people like me in 2007 match.
i request those using this list to confirm the latest with the hospital as policies change from time to time.but i am confident that this is authentic for now 2006 .
none of these places need USCE as a pre requisite but it is beneficial obviously .most of them do not have a cut off score but above 80 is always good.some of them like UAB or IOWA or Cornell say they sponsor visa but they dont really have any IMG ..when ever there are IMG s they may be US citizens.


rochester general hospital
mt sinai
alb eintein beth isreal
alb einstien yeshiva ( PD decides case to case)
bronx lebanon
brroklyn hosp centre program
lincoln med centre
NYMC brooklyn queens
alb einstein long island


UTMB GAlveston
Baylor college of medicine( PD decides)


crozer chester
st lukes
albert einstein medical centre
thomas jefferson


st johns
henry ford
north oakwood


mc gaw northwestern
univ of illinois peoria


jackson memorial hospital


riverside , newport ( PD decides)


Brigham and womens




OHSu ( they need step 3 score before deciding)


U of MIss at kansas







Indiana univ


Univ of iowa

good luck to all for 2007!!!

PS_ the list for J 1 programs is extensive....lots of options......much more than H 1 list


Congrats Coolbabe..and thanks.

Do you have one form IM too?? I dont know how reliable the ones available on the internet are...and many people say that the information is outdated...

Would be great if someone could post that too..

anyways..goodluck for your residency


sorry but i dont have the list for IM ...didnt apply for IM

i dont trust the ones doing the rounds on commercial websites.hence i called up each one of the 200 plus programs in ob gyn....i know med programs are so many but if you start slow and steady , you shud be done by september 2006...

good luck



The list is very nice, thanks for helping others because I know what it takes to get all those information. May god bless you

Hi, I am still waiting for my visa approval, how many days did it take for your visa to get approved counting from the day you filed for it (H1B)? Are you traveling back to India to get it stamp on your passport?


took 10 days after it was filed ...i had gone thru premium processing....did not take long at was all done 1.5 months after my step 3 result
good luck to you ...

Edited by coolbabe76 on Oct 07, 2006 - 12:11 PM


Hi coolbabe,

I got 95 for my step 1, planning to take CK in Sep and CS in Nov, greencard holder, 4 years experience in OBGYN in my home country and 1 year expericence in OB in France, got a MPH in France.

Do you think that I should apply OBGYN with my step 1 score only?

Please advice me as you had lots of expericence in Match.

Thanks a lot and best wishes to you.


yes you should apply with whatever score you have by sept 1,
you have a great step 1 score
try to get a equally good score in the other 2 exams

try to get certifed asap

good luck


Hi coolbabe,

Thanks for your advice.

Best wishes



Do you think I should apply with my step 1 score by 1st Sep or wait until i get my CK score and apply in end Oct- begin Nov???



apply with step 1 score on sept 1 ...later on the score will get updated as it comes for the other exams


A sincere thank you for taking the time to post this list, and congratulations for matching.

I was wondering......Do you think it is easier to get a waiver with an J visa after residency or is it better to get an H1b Visa and try to get a green card sponsor at the end of the residency?

Or why did you need a H1b Visa?






I am an IMG from portland, oregon. I completed my step 1 and 2 exams. Got 97 and 99. going to give cs in july. I don't have a greencard and I dont have any US clinical experience either. Do you think there is a possibility for me to get into residency with these scores?
And by what time should I give the step 3 for H1B Processing?.. Is it okay If I apply with these scores and get some clinical research experience afterwards. ie before the interview I mean? Because I heard in Oregon you don't get to do any observerships or externships.
And is there any IMG friendly programmes in oregon and washington?.



just a reminder for all people applying for ob gyn this year
this is the list for H 1 sponsoring programs i had complied myself last year.
hope it helps


hi coolbabe,

i have very average scores for steps
still because of my interest i have applied for obgyn
i need visa and have 3 uslor and research as in usce
applied to 80 prog, two prog have kept me on hold

i dont know how competetive it is this year, but hope i can make it soon
what else i should do?

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