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 phew !! one more ethic ?  

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a 19 yr old boy brings his 14 yr old girlfriend to the clinic because she is complaining of amenorrhea. her LMP was 9 weeks ago. urine pregnancy test is positive. she says she wants to terminate the pregnancy. who would sign the consent form for the elective abortion ?

a) the parents of the girl

b)the boyfriend

c)the teenage girl

d)family physician

e)the patients baseball coach








rules for the abortion for not emancipated minors differ between states - in some states answer will be A, in others - C; for this reason this qustion will never appear on the USMLE.

Edited by p53 on Apr 21, 2006 - 2:07 AM




you are right p53, i was confused myself between A and C.

kaplan says that children can make decisions for themselves when it comes to prenatal care and that the child is considered partially emancipated. kaplan says the age for this is generally 16 yrs or older. so according to kaplan the answer should be A.

this question was from UW and the given answer is C.

so what do we go with, kaplan or UW ? and i really hope that this question is not there on the exam.


I was just thinking...abortion would not be part of prenatal there'd be no partial emancipation.Also pregnancy doesnot emancipate(in most cases).I'd have to go with A.


the abortion laws are so screwed that they dont make sense even to the lawyers. i hear that in some states (texas) a pregnant girl is emaciated but once she is delivered of the baby she becomes a minor again!!!!!

usmle will not test such controversial laws.

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