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 Which book for Molecular Biology???  

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Hi, everybody
I have heard that there some Questions coming up in USMLE for molecular biology which are very tough.
i'd like to know which book to read for Molecular Biology.

I already have , Kaplan Miocrobilogy and Genetics.

I'd like to know if there are another good books to read for this topic.
What is everybody's view of -

-- High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology -- by Ronald W., Ph.D. Dudek;-

I found another book online - I dont know if it is of any help for USMLE but this is the book:--

Molecular Biology Made Simple and Fun, Third Edition
by David P. Clark .

Pleae let me know , is it worth buying any of the above booksfor Molecular Biology, or should Kaplan sufffice ???

thanks in advance


Human molecular biology is covered in 'Kaplan LN: Biochemistry & Genetics'; there is also 'Kaplan LN: Microbiology & Immunology' for the microbial molecular biology - 'Kaplan LN: Microbiology & Genetics' doesn't exist.
Personally I think that there is no need for the separate book in Molecular Biology - this subject is covered in the good biochemistry and genetics books - besides 'Kaplan LN: Biochemistry & Genetics', which is really excellent, I can recommend
'Lippincotts’s Illustrated Reviews:'Biochemistry', by Champe, 3rd ed. 2004, 534p.
'Rapid Review: Biochemistry', by Pelley and Goljan, 2003, 320p.
for biochemistry, and
'Medical Genetics', by Jorde, 3rd ed. 2005, 384p.
for Genetics - Jorde is also the author of the Genetics part of 'Kaplan LN: Biochemistry & Genetics', but 'Medical Genetics' is much more detailed.
I don't like 'High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology', by Dudek, and I think it's very outdated now - 1999.
Never heard about other book you have mentioned, so I guess you should avoid it.
By the way, Genetics was tested on my step 1 much more heavily, than Cell and Molecular Biology.
you also have asked about 'USMLE Road Map: Neuroscience', 2004, 208p. by White - it's good, but Dr.White is also the author of the neuroanatomy part of 'Kaplan LN: Anatomy', so you may have some overlap between these 2 resources, though 'USMLE Road Map: Neuroscience' is more in depth and better illustrated (the same about Jorde's 'Medical Genetics' and 'Kaplan LN: Biochemistry & Genetics', I have mentioned above).
You can also get 'High-Yeld Neuroanatomy', 2004, 170p. by Fix - it's as good as 'USMLE Road Map: Neuroscience'.

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