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 kaplan Q-bank or USMLEWORLD Q-bank?  

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hi, guys, I am wondering, which q-bank i should take, kaplan or usmleworld or both? money is one concern, time is also precious. anybody pls give me ideas.

good luck for everybody here.


i say UW


Well, it has to be UW coz thats worth both the time n money that u will be putting into it. My suggestion to u would be to take UW for 2 mths, finish taking the tests in 1-1.5 mths and revise the same for the remaining 15 days, and u will be ready to take up step 2.

G/L to u too


Question banks can be from various sources such as kaplan , usmle world, usmlerx, usmlesteps123 etc etc....

Kaplan Qbank is being used from long time by usmle takers... its the costliest one in the market... u can get downlaoded forms somewer on the internet .

Usmle World is rated the best by many recent takers wich helps u prepare for the exam so that actualli the exams qs seem less difficult and u do weel with the concept based qs in the exam... a must must do acc to many advices.... its got the advantage of being cheaper and very good customer support ...

For example... i bought 3 month subscription in oct , thinking i wil write exam in jan beginnig...but due to job and all cudnt write....even didnt attempt a single question in the qbank... so i called them up , told the situation , sent an email, before it all got expired. and they as a humble courtesy told that u can chose ur qbank start date and we shall extend ur subscription for 3 months from the start date u chose..with no extra pay.... So i chose JAn 15 now i have subscription til apr 15...

Its not the case with Kaplan Qbank.. .They dont bother to respond courteously and have very very strict rules that even the president of america cant amend. They cant change the start date of the subscription even though i didnt attempt a single question inthe Qbank since i bought it... Pathetic customer care....

So go for downloaded versions for kap q bank.. and online version UW Qbank...


well UW is a very nice Qbank but I would disagree about the customer support. Me and my friend both had problems contacting UW regarding technical issues (the qbank woudnt run on our computers) and finally we had to figure out how to on our own despite repeated emails. But what they did for you is awsome !

In addition I would also advice you to choose on the basis of the content and not support.



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