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 residency application information  

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Hello Doctors,

I need your help.
Do you want important residency application information from programs
easily available at one place? If so please continue to read and help me to help you.

I am a software developer and I am developing a FREE (non-profit) website that can provide
residency application information for all programs in the US. I am
going to contact all of the residency programs to gather the information.

Could you please give me idea on what kind of information I should
gather from the program directors.

for example:

Minimum USMLE score?
List of Documents?
What is the deadline?
Is your program IMG friendly ?



Well i already had a software made for me by my bro. I can add programs and add and modify any feature and can search in it with any way i want. And i can even let any of my friends acess it online and he was even suggesting to me about hosting it and everybody can even make his own separate user and keep ones own data separately. smiling face

I will tell you what features i am using at present

Program ID
Program name
Application start date
Interview dates
program type(integrated or not)
program based(like univ based, community .....)
Current IMGs
Competitive USMLE score
US Clinical exp requirements
Fellowships available
Visas offered
Ranking (personal opinion)
Avg working hours

There are a lot of things i will be adding to it when i will start getting Interview calls , like

Insurances available
Leaves available
Other benefits
(actually its a long list)

I am interested in neurology so i have worked on neurology programs only. Hope it will give you some idea. ( you can also use the factors listed in FRIEDA Survey which is actually asked from all the PDs but a few answers it, you can look it up on any program page who have replied to its survey in FRIEDA) (you can also use factors mentionend in Scutwork and there are sites which gives you idea about how to select a residency the factors to look for ,i cannot think of any site at present ) And then there is Iserson's getting into residency ( a book ).


Hi kingsofke,

searching for information is the easy part. But where do you actualy search for ? is there any publicly available database that your brother used to search for the information you need?


My brother did not search at all. Actually his program was quite flexible and was sort of programmable by me ,ie to say i can modify it in anyway i want. I did the searching myself. I have told you that before i used FRIEDA's database (type frieda in google) i went through Scutwork and most importantly i went through all the websites of the programs themselves (almost all the programs have their own and has a lot of info available). Since i was just looking into neurology programs (120 of them) so i was able to do that ( and yes i also emailed all of the program coordinators and got replies from a no. of them but that was almost all of the time repetition of what was already on their website)

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