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A 24-month-old African-American female whom you have followed for routine well child care and a few episodes of otitis media is brought to the office by her mother for a regular well child visit. The mother is concerned that the child's language development seems to be slower than she remembers with her older children.

Which one of the following would be a cause for concern at this age?

1)She is making sentences of only two or three words
2)She is unable to name pictures on a standardized test, such as the Denver Developmental Screening Test
3)She is unable to correctly recognize three of four colors
4)She is unable to give her first and last name
5)Her total vocabulary includes about 40 words




a child of 2 should have memory of arornd 250 words.




I'd say 5...what made you change to 2 srf?


Physical and motor:

* Should have the first 16 teeth (can be a wide discrepancy)
* The height is roughly half the total height the child will attain as an adult
* May be psychologically ready for toilet training
* Can run with better coordination, while the stance may remain wide
* Can kick ball without loosing balance
* Can pick up objects while standing without losing balance
* Can build a tower of 6 to 7 cubes
* Can browse through a book one page at a time
* Able to turn a door knob

Sensory and cognitive:

* Vision fully developed
* Vocabulary has increased to about 300 words
* Can organize phrases of 2 to 3 words
* Able to communicate needs such as thirst, hunger, need to use the restroom
* Increased attention span
* Able to clothe self in simple apparel (frequently more adept at removing clothes than putting them on)


* Encourage and provide the necessary space for physical activity
* Provide safe replicas of adult tools and equipment
* Allow the child to help around the house and participate in the daily responsibilities of the family
* Encourage play that involves building and creativity
* Control the type and quantity of television viewing (less than 2 hours per day is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics)
* Control the type and quantity of games played


cyra I faced this q again.
same with no diffirence.
answer given was 2

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