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 Mcroberts maneuver  

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Which one of the following describes the McRoberts maneuver for managing shoulder dystocia?

Suprapubic pressure
Delivery of the posterior arm
Maximal flexion and abduction of the
maternal hips
Rolling the mother to an "all-fours" position
Rotation of the fetal head


delivery of the posterior arm.


Maximal flexion and abduction of the
maternal hips


i think it is suprapubic pressure and flexion of the mother's thigh.


RuMi is right.


Legs (the McRoberts maneuver)
This procedure involves flexing and abducting the maternal hips, positioning the maternal thighs up onto the maternal abdomen. This position flattens the sacral promontory and results in cephalad rotation of the pubic symphysis. Nurses and family members present at the delivery can provide assistance for this maneuver.

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