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 IMG passed STEP 1 and STEP 2 CS and CK IN 9 weeks!  

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I'm posting my crazy experience to encourage people that are in the same situation.
This is my short history:
I'm a IMG, graduated in Brazil in 1998. I attended 2 residency programs in my country: clinical oncology (for 4 years) and pathology (for 3 years). I'm boarded in both specialties in Brazil.
I arrived at the US last August to do a rotation in pathology at an american university. By that time, I had no experience with spoken english. My local american host really liked the way I work, and invited me to be his official clinical fellow in a pathology subspecialty program.
The problem was: I did not have the ECFMG certificate, and no money to apply for the exams. My new american boss was very generous to me, and offered to pay for my exams (2840,00 USD). So I started my application process in November 1st, which was accepted by ECFMG in November 30th. I took STEP 2CS first on January 4th, then STEP 2CK on February 2nd, and then STEP 1 on March 13th. I passed all of them.
The time I dedicated for studying was really short: about 3 weeks, 2 hours/ daily (I kept my usual work routine in Brazil during this period) for each exam. I was more concerned about CS, because I did not trust my spoken english proficiency...I felt a lot of pressure, mainly because of the expectatives of my american boss.
I agree it could not be enough time for reviewing all the contents, but in the other hand, I had already my position guaranteed and did not need a high score. Indeed, my STEP 2CK score (87) was not that bad for only 3 weeks of study. I still don't have STEP 1 score.
I would like to wish GOOD LUCK to all the IMGs that are in a similar situation , and remember to believe in yourselves and trust your medical formation! Believe me, you can do more than you expect, just have to be dedicated and optimists!!!nod


WOW!!!! You did!!! It is so hard to get rid of the headache of one exam except after you are done. Congrat with step 2 score and best luck for step 1.


Great work! So are you going to do residensy in Pathology? Good luck..


u r really soo encouraging...congrattssssssss!!!....good luck


Frajola wrote:
! Believe me, you can do more than you expect, just have to be dedicated and optimists!!!nod

shockedshockedno comment


Great! I will do the same you said three weeks 2 hours a day!Great! I have no intention in studying anything more than that!nod

I actually will have only 2 weeks, but it will suffice. I am optimist and I trust my memory :-)


That's impressive, I've been seeing a lot of similar experiences recently.. A lot of VERY bright minds out there. Congratulations! How did you prepare? Just FA?


great work,doctor.I really don't know what to say.keep going


I read your post again and am still amazed!!! Wow!!! So motivational, the more I read it the more I have faith that I will finish by my deadline and I will not postpone my exam!!! Thank you and Best Wishes to you!!! You are amazing!


Congrats & awesome


I'm actually going to try Step 2 CK with 3 and 1/2 weeks of study. Hope it works.


Thanks for sharing ur experience !!!
Enjoy !!

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