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 work permit in UK reqd...Match 2007 tougher?  

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do you think that Match 2007 will be tougher because of stricter immigration rules for IMG s in the UK wef July 1?
Will all the PLAB pool will be diverted to USMLE ?

not to mention the 51.1 % unmatched IMG applicants from this year...


what can I say? very bad news.
will it be so easy for these people to switch from the 'good for nothing' PLAB to the USMLE so quickly?


well all the smart ppl abandoned plab long time ago. and we never care about dumb ppl anywayswink



smiling face
three cheers for the smart ones !!!nod


Match 2007 is going to be tougher,many of my friends had USMLE ready with very good scores but they thought they will get registrar post in UK,but recent rules have made these posts redundent for IMGS so they will pitch into US next match and most of them need to take only step-3,so be ready for tough competetion.

Edited by katzung on Apr 05, 2006 - 11:08 PM


katzung, are you not in uk currently?
it was my dream to be there ....but fate brought me to the US...what do you think about the situation of indian docs in uk? is it really bad even without this law?


Forunately am currently in a stable job and my permit is still valid till 2007!!!

Yes situatuion is very bad in UK,i would say 2 years ago it all looked rosy,but it changed dramatically,i will say you did wonderfully well by not coming here and choosing to go to USA,well situation cannot be blamed on only local govt here.

I can very well understand that UK gov wanted to protect their own graduates and brought in this law,but the fact that they did not even tell IMGS about this is the question in contention.

There r lots of local lads who are jobless as well,and NHS is collapsing,they are in 900 million pounds sterling debt,and by shunting out imgs like this and employing lots of european docs some of which donot speak even a word of english!!!well god save NHS.they certainly r making thigs worse for themselves

The managerial hierarchy existing in NHS is apathetic,even though consultants are of high quality and teach well they r not allowed to do their work due to interference by managment.

Basically UK NHS is a service oriented ( and racist) system,there is not much importance for education,my motto was to utilise my opportunity,make enough money and meanwhile if u can get mrcp get it an bugger off from here.

IMGS shud have realised that when UK brought in permit free system for 4 years they were trying to utilize us as stop gap arrangement and then give us cold shoulder when their job was done,people who didnot forsee this are suffering today,after all these people ruled half the globe at one point why wil they welcome asian doctors unless it is in their profound interest.

when UK govt expanded NHS 5 yeras ago they didnot have enough resources in expanding pool of doctors needed to run their services,they did smart thing by utilising existing pool of good english speaking docs from asia,all they did was opportunistic politics,people who utilised them during these times were smart enough to extract enough from these people.

However no ne predicted that labour govt's experiment on american lines would fail so horribly.

Look at what has happened to famed british education nowadayz,you will only realise if u speak to their newly graduated medical grads.


THEY practice what they call as PBL(problem based learning),basically it is like u know evrything about fracture of femur and u know how to treat it BUT WHAT IS THE USE IF U DONT KNOW WHERE FEMUR IS!!!

I am so fortunate to have graduated from old school of thought where we stilll used to do pathology etc as subjects.

People here dont do pathology/anatomy!!!!

Well this type of medicine can also be practiced by nurses.

coolbabe if i were u i would forget UK as a bad dream.

U have done well,thank god u made right choice.




Edited by katzung on Apr 05, 2006 - 11:07 PM


really good piece by katzung maharaj as always. ur right its gonna get tuffer and tuffer as the years go by. but then its a rat race from the day 1 when we entered med schoolsmiling face

and its always more romantic when the odds are weighed against uwink

have u heard ted nugent's mississippi queensmiling face will cu there next yr brosmiling face






type "indian docs" and "nhs" in google and you will know !!! its about the new changes in visa policy for non eu doc s in uk....


but dont you think U.S visas will become stringent coz they dont want so many people flocking here?

guys no need to worry too much .i guess people are just trying to put us you think U.S is dumb?i dont think so.i know of many uk doc still struggling inspite of astrononical usmle score stuck due to visa rejections multiple times.its not that easy.


brown wrote:
but dont you think U.S visas will become stringent coz they dont want so many people flocking here?

guys no need to worry too much .i guess people are just trying to put us you think U.S is dumb?i dont think so.i know of many uk doc still struggling inspite of astrononical usmle score stuck due to visa rejections multiple times.its not that easy.

Well,my friend applied for visitors visa from India 2 years ago got rejected twice,but when he applied from UK after being in here for two years he got 10 years B1/B2,visa without any questions,so this is how easy it is to get visa from UK to USA specially if ur in good job.

Infact in my case no questions were asked,i went and applied for visitors visa and got 10 years entry,do u think US will block issual of visas from UK first rather than India?

Infact most of my friends have been to usa already so they dont need to apply for visa at all!!!,they just need to apply for next years match thats it.

Infact i am yet to hear any visa being refused from UK provided u have been here for atleast > 1 year,so donot mislead saying that u know UK docs whose visas have been rejected!!!(and i donot belive that us embassy will look out for people with astronomical usmle scores to reject their visas,shaking head ),infact if u have british passport u donot need visa to USA,if u hold Indian passport all u need is to pay 60 pounds sterling extra as a processing fee and u will get ur visa in 1 day!!!!,sometimes same day.

Am not trying to put anyone down,just imagine soomeone who has done his/her training in UK under old system and at the same time has managed to finish usmle --- will he/she not be an attractive applicant for the us programme?(if one has passed mrcp then programme is also confident that this person will also clear boards easily)

It is a fact that many programmes like,metrohealth,CWRU,Missouri,Wisconsin,Bridgeport,Lankenau,Penn hosp,york, etc... to name a few among many have been traditionally shortlisting people with UK experience because they feel that the system is closer to US system.

The way to beat this is to do externships in USA that means u r familiar with their system rather than being familiar with a syatem which closely resembles theirs.

Well next years match will prove who is right or who is wrong!!!

Edited by katzung on Apr 07, 2006 - 1:33 AM


Get ready for match 2007 it is going to be mayhem, PLAB pool is already diverted to USMLE.

But bigger worry you'll have guys with 2-3 yrs UK experience and in some cases MRCP competing with fresh grads .All my freinds are going for it you can count 15.

Once again proves our competitition will always be an IMG - whether in UK or USA .Limited resoursces and too many hungry docs.

can't help it .We are at mercy of INS and Home office UK.

Wish home countries offered a better choice.

Goodluck to all those crossing the atlantic and to those starting their journey from home.

Edited by bharatphoenix on Apr 07, 2006 - 4:19 AM


I guess it's only theoretical talking - OK, match 2007 will be more tough than ever - and so? where is the solution to this problem? wait for match 2008? I can almost guarantee that match 2008 will be tougher than match 2007.
So, let's do it now!


Stakes are getting huigher thats all, in the` end we'll all survive wherever


i think the earlier , the better.....2007 will be better than 2008...
things are going to get tougher , not easier

i am not being discouraging.....good luck to all........

i hope that at a time when US is pro immigration and is talking about incresaing H 1 , things get relatively easier for our UK IMG frnds should they decide to come here.


You'd not beleive my freinds are planning to take all steps in 4 months (except step-3) aim to be certified by oct.

This is not scaremongering , but 'Weather forecast' in the IMG world.Godknows where the next storm is looming.


well then ...good luck to all your freinds!!!

tell me bharat....does this new policy affect only thos who have come there is last 2-3 years or will it also affect those who are at SpR level?
do you need a permit to be a spr ?



One more thing, situation will not be as bad as we all think.

Prior to this law - IMG's were discriminated 90% of times if there was a local grad anyway.Now they made it 100%.

Despite extending the protectionism to EU. I think there will be a fewposts still left for IMG's but not as many in the past.

Brighter side - one cannot become a permanent resident with Permit free training but 4 yrs on work Permit you are a permanent resident of UK and one more year You are a ciizen.Then go for USMLE!! if your visa was rejected in the first place.

Make no mistake IMG's are probably best equipped to survive in this Medical Warming climate as we can go any where on this blue planet!! Not many local grads can do that.Got used to this gypsy life having been in UK for 4 yrs.



If you are already an spr you should be offered a work permit as they can't fire you in the middle.

Spr with new rule only if no local applied - happens only in geriatrics.

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