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1) Which diseases have to do with frameshift mutations?


alpha thalassemia and cri-du-chat syndrome :?:




Hi Mil1717,

What's the correct answer? Thanks.


Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis and Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex
omenns syndrome,bloom syndrome :?:


Iam sorry.
Its muscular dystrophy( duchenne and becker's)


hi! accdg to Kaplan notes (Biochem)2002 ed.p.284
Duchennes is frameshift mutation thats why its more severe than
Beckers which is an "in-frame" mutation.
keep posting and answering q. thanks smiling face


both duchene and becker are frame shifts, but there are 4 bases added in duchenee, therefore worse than becker with 3 bases addition.


in a sense, I think I am wrong if I say Becker is frame shift... 3 bases added but no frame shift. Only addition and 'in frame'


cystic Fibrosis
alpha and beta thalassemia


also ABO blood groupings is an example of frame shift mutations


I didn't even knew that :cry:
thanks to you all
I think iam very poor in genetics.
Will study :roll:

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