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Hi everyone!

I have finished webpath questions and my overall score is 93%.having in mind that I have only red BRS Pathology,would you recomend that I do Goljan as well?(I am planning on going through Kaplan's patho as well).

Any suggestions are more than welcome.Have you all tryed webpath Q's?What is your opinion on them?

Thanks a lot. and best of luck to everyone.


I do not have a great experience since I'm planning to take my exam in 45 days. But I do have webpath too and I feel like the questions are too easy.

Furthermore, I have been advised to give a big kick to kaplan patholoy and I did it.

Just study goljan and avoid too many sources

good luck


u got 93% in webpath ? i find that shocking.. i got 64% in uworld which is around 90 on actual step 1 and i have my exam in 3 weeks.. but i find webpath WAY TOO DIFFICULT !! is it me or is web path actually hard ? the questions are not hard themself just the way they try to link disease and the answer its crazy !!

any opinions ?


You should be able to do 70% on Web Path, its not that Hard I agree

But we used it to study from during Basic Science too


Natasa wrote:
Hi everyone!

I have finished webpath questions and my overall score is 93%.having in mind that I have only red BRS Pathology,would you recomend that I do Goljan as well?(I am planning on going through Kaplan's patho as well).

Any suggestions are more than welcome.Have you all tryed webpath Q's?What is your opinion on them?

Thanks a lot. and best of luck to everyone.

if you are truthful in stating yoru score as 93% on webpath...then i would bet $50 that you will get atleast a 95 on the USMLE...I wouldnt be surprised if you get a 99...

im impressed.

btw, are you using webpath CD? or online webpath?

the webpath CD has 1500 qns


The Web Path CD is old though, I have it myself, the online has been updated


70% ? ur saying SHOULD i hope that doesnt mean 70% is cut off for pass/fail ..
i did neuro yesterday and got 62 doing
Doing renal right now on question #6 but non wrong yet ^_^ ..

i have a question i have qbook from kaplan but i havent used it do u think its better to do webpath or qbook ? i think qbook is easier than webpath so i dnt know but explainations are better in qbook.


Web Path, I had Q book and did not pass the first time

UW is better still

Web Path gives you more information then the real thing does, so I'm saying that you should be able to pull at least a 70%

Web path is like BRS Path which is good but not as good as the real thing, is a step below.

If I was screwing up web path like a 60% or worse I would worry


Man dnt scare me my exam is in 3weeks !! ^_^ ..


if u got 64% in uw in 1st try....u shouldnt b worried abt crap like webpath.....ur hoverin around dont worrygrin


But Web Path is full of Q's like this

Question 19

A 79-year-old man has a large myocardial infarction involving much of the left ventricular free wall. He develops congestive heart failure (CHF) with decreased cardiac output. Now, a year later, his CHF is worsening. By echocardiography there is a large, bulging akinetic area typical for a left ventricular aneurysm. Which of the following laboratory tests on serum would best indicate poor peripheral tissue perfusion in this patient?

A Elevated troponin I

B Increased sodium

C Elevated lactate

D Increased hematocrit

E Increased sedimentation rate


Answer is C, it could not be anything else.

A 22-year-old woman has a congenital anemia. She has required multiple transfusions of red blood cells for many years. She now has no significant findings on physical examination. Laboratory studies now show a serum AST of 74 U/L and ALT 75 U/L with albumin 3.6 g/dL. Which of the following microscopic findings would most likely appear in a liver biopsy?

A Steatosis in hepatocytes

B Bilirubin in canaliculi

C Hemosiderin in hepatocytes

D Glycogen in hepatocytes

E Amyloid in portal triads

answer is C

Question 21

A 20-year-old man is involved in a motor vehicle accident which results in multiple blunt trauma and lacerations to his lower extremities. The left femoral artery is lacerated, and he incurs extensive blood loss and remains hypotensive for hours during transport to the emergency department. On admission, his hematocrit is 12%. Which of the following tissues is most likely to withstand the impact of these events with the least damage?

A Skeletal muscle

B Small intestinal epithelium

C Retina

D Myocardium

E Hippocampus

answer is A

Question 22

A 40-year-old woman has the sudden onset of severe abdominal pain. On physical examination she has diffuse tenderness in all abdominal quadrants, with marked guarding and muscular rigidity. She has laboratory findings that include serum AST of 43 U/L, ALT of 30 U/L, LDH 630 U/L, and lipase 415 U/L. An abdominal CT scan reveals peritoneal fluid collections and decreased attenuation along with enlargement of the pancreas. Which of the following cellular changes is most likely to accompany these findings?

A Coagulative necrosis

B Dry gangrene

C Fat necrosis

D Apoptosis

E Liquefactive necrosis

answer is C

I just do not think these are too hard, they give you so much, this last Q, Pancreas, Lipase the quad pain, has to be fat necrosis.

This is why I think if you cannot get at least 60% on web path then you are missing a lot of basic Path knowledge!!!

This is good for a review too. I'm doing it today.


I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, I cannot get 90% the first round on these I forget, I'm able to do 68 to 75% though................without review

I just think that you need to understand if you have grasp of basic knowledge, if yo do not, you do not, no matter how well on UW or Kaplan,

if you are in any DOubt take the NBME and see.


usmle killer: dnt say that dude, ill get lazy and start playing xbox360 =)

DRFP; No i agree some questions are easy and some i do not like heh.. omg why did u post the cardio/GI questions i havent done those yet, i hate uuuuuuu !! =D

I think the reason i got 62% was because it 1) it was neuro 2) i stoped doing questions for 4 days because i decided to do behvaioral science and play video games. Anyways, I finished renal today at 72% and respiratory is at 70% but i have only completed 10 questions so far lol =P

I did take nbme #3 and i got 480

My only concern was/is that u said AT LEAST 60-70 and i am aiming for 90 so i was like should i postpone because now i think 60-70 is minimum requirement =(

I plan on taking nbme #4 on 25th sept.. But do u think 15th oct for step 1 is good enough date or postpone ? i just want 90 because 89 doesnt sound good and my parents will be disappointed. And also i already told them taht 88 is average so they will think i am just average and yeaa sigh:: i regret telling them that !!

Edited by alirizvi on Sep 20, 2008 - 12:30 PM


Oh if you are doing better then 60% you are fine, Path is not the whole USMLE, if it was I would have passed already, I think Path is the best part! I hate the Behavior and the neuro crap! and Biochem? Yea I hate that the most must be why its my weakest!

480 is good but not 99 area, 99 area for NBME is like 550 to 600.

88 average? What? why did you tell your parents anything like that?

Get back with them and tell them thats passing is the Key and that averages do not mean anything. Residencies look at cut offs at times true, but it depends on the residency,

unless you are at 220 I would not worry about cut offs, 220 is the major 1st one, then 230, 240 and so on.

anything below 220 ends up as a pass really for the most part.

but in some cases a 200 is looked at more then the get what I'm saying?


Oh those Q's are not Cardiac and GI they are the gen ones....... Sorry too.


i took a test now on webpath and got 93%

questions r very easy guys so not an assessment tool....stick to nbme

and as drfp said patho is not the whole exam


Yea thats what I said good for study review I think because the Q's give you every opportunity to get it right, you can learn what to look for by reading the Q, I find that a lot of the Real Board Q's have one of those clues in them most of the time.

This is why BRS Path is not considered a top source to study from.


thnx for ur input guys and i see what u guys mean now 62 neuro 71 renal 80 respiratory. But 93 is still too high for me !!

The thing i like about question is that lets say they give u 6 hints but i only have 5 hints in 1st AID then i copy that fact into 1st aid but yea i dnt think i am learning that much really since explanations are so short lol

So what do u guys recommend ? I have 3 weeks until exam date.
Just do 1st AID 2 and if possible 3 times ?


ur nbme3 was one month ago ....i assume one month of study would have increased ur level....but take another one now......and u will know approximatelly ur score then decide accordingly


okay thank u for ur help. I think i will just read F.A then take nbme on 25th and let u guys know, thnx for the support, really appreciate it.

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