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 Gravida and Para  

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if a woman has 3 children and had one abortion and she is currently pregnant for the 5th time , how will we write G , P , A ?

G5 , P3, A1


G5 , P4, A1


G5 P3 A1


if a person is primi and she is at 14 week gestation , then we write G1 , P0 and if she is primi at 30 weeks gestation then we write G1, P1 ???


G-5, P*, A-1

*If the fetus (in her current pregnancy) has crossed the age of viability (20 or 28 weeks, depending on where you live), P will be 4, if not, it will be 3, methinks.


one can count a para whn the age of viability has been crossed... so in the 1st case.. since one was an abortion=> it had not crossed period of viability => g5p3a1.. ie: the fetus who got aborted cant be counted in para....

please correct if i am wrong... smiling face


in the 1st case u gav.. its G5P3A1.. coz para is considered whn the period of viability is crossed.. so in this case , since it was an abortion so, it cant be counted in parity.. to be more specific.. paras will not contain abortion in them.....

please correct me if i am wrong... thank u..smiling face


no of pregnancies ---- is the matter whatever is the out come

no of pregnancies reaching beyond 20 is parity...

now ...this pt is pregnant for fifth means she is G5

she has aborted A1

one of her child is aborted...which cannot be counted in parity...3 are born...and the gestational age of her current fetus is parity will be either 3 or 4( depending upon fetal gestational age) othe point.......i have read a couple of which an interesting fact is shown...although they dont mention it explicitly.....

they always count the current pregnancy while calculating gravidity but they always omit current pregnancy while calculating parity....whatever is the age of fetus.... smiling face ...this is shown by both kaplan and usmle world


i noticed the latter too..nice explaantion jinxed smiling face


I think thats because in parity you arent prediciting the outcome, this is part of the patients history or past events. When the eventual and inevitable outcome does happen u count it in para.

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