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which of the following drug is popular treatment for chronic asthma when asthmatic symptoms cannot be controlled with adrenergic drugs?









what is the mechanism of action of theophyline?


as a phosphodiesterase inhibitior and also as a adenosine antagonist


yeah..looks like A


going backwards- amitryptyline reduces amine reuptake in depression./// phenylephrine is the alpha 1 agonist that decreases H.R.////tobutamide is a 1st generation diabetic med that blocks K+ channel , depolarizes and causes some insulin release/// thalidomides is teratogenic that most docs will stay far away from due to legal problems.{i think the word phocomelia is used} **Theophyline the answer comes under the category methlxanthine known for arrythmias and CNS stimulation





problem with theophylline is it has a narrow therapeutic index



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