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 I Failed step2 ck..  

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I Failed to pass step2 ck.
I studied from kaplan notes,kaplan dvd lectures,usmleworld,Kaplan simulated cd-rom,Q bank,Q book, first aid.
At the exam center I felt like Nothing came from these study materials....

where are you suppose to study from??I don't know what to do.....

I really need some honest advice because there is a huge difference between already having a huge knowledge base (from previous clinical practice yrs etc... which I have none) and reading kaplan books....

I am completely confused and disheartened that after an entire year of honest studying this this the result...equlvalent to not opening a single book!

can any good person advise me what to do now....
Do u think NMS Medicine is a better book as well as BluePrints?

Please help,anyone?


I think Blue prints and kaplan notes are adequate.Do not get disheartened. you did not fail the test , the real test is now whether you stand up to challenge or not , i think you will.

Do NBME tests and see their correlation .once you are in safe margin go for it/


Hello bharatphoenix,
where can i get the NBME qs from?any idea...


I agree with Bharatphoenix, dude. Don't feel down the earth. You haven't lost the world. USMLE exams are totally unpredictable. So just keep giving your performance.
Just to stand my statement let me give you an example. One of my senior, who stood ranked in top 3 in SSC and HSC exams and also in top rankers during Medical undergrade with some goldmedals under his name. He was rejected for visa(F1) thrice, last year and with great depression and uncertainity he gave step I and got 90 (which according to his standerd was equivalent like he falied) after few months, he applied for visa again and got it. So now he was in his real mood of killing the USMLE step II. He also listened Videos this time. And all of us, were sure that nothing less thn 99 will be the score. And you know wat, he failed the step II CK. Still he cant believe that.

On the other hand, one of my friend who is an average student and gave step I casually. No body expect much but he surprised all with 99.

So be relaxed, and feel the gaps that you might have left in 1st trial.

God will help you,

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