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 Good luck to Sturge!!  

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Hey Sturge...just wanted to send you my wishes for your step 1 in a few days.

I know that you'll do extremely wishes and prayers are with you!

Just keep your cool during the exam...grin


Hey sturge...

GOD wishes are with u.. nod and mine little prayer to GOD to give u smart thinking on exam day.



Good luck sturge.Just hang on and we all are praying for your success.I wish I had found this forum earlier.You guys are a support.May God bless u all.nod


Wish you the very best of luck sturge...

Relax and try and to stay as calm and focussed as you can.


Good luck Sturge,

Relax and feel confident with the exam.


Good luck Sturgesmiling face


good luck, Sturge...may the force be with you!smiling face


good luck, sturge!!! I will need some luck too pretty soon.

Edited by skyhigh on Feb 12, 2006 - 1:29 PM


h sturge!! nice to know you are about to give exam. let me tell you few things that i did and shud not ve done. do at your own pace but dont waste time at difficult questions. just go on. keep time to revise every thing. i just had 5 min after each block and could revise only the ones i marked . try to have more time. and go thru all the questions. so that you old not put one known question wrong.

all the best and stay confident. by the way i got my score and it is 93. I thank god for all he had done and thank you all for the help you all gave.

all the best sturge..



my heartiest wishes for you..



Hey Msyamp...that's a pretty neat score there...congratulations buddy!!!grin...n' those are some pretty useful suggestions there...wish I had talked to you BEFORE I gave my exam too!rolling eyes

Would you say that your score is close to what the great oracle 'NBME' predicted?


Hey Skyhigh...when's you exam?


congrats your hand on my head so that I can get atleast a score close to yours...smiling face


Hey Sturge,

good luck for your exam ! And I can only second what Msyamp said: DO NOT waste time on difficult qs - this happened to me on 2 blocks and I ended up missing super-easy qs at the end of the block due to not having enough time. (Somehow I had the feeling that the easiest qs were at the end, maybe on purpose for those that run out of time !) Anyway, after 2 blocks I had finally learned my lesson.

I´ll include you in my prayers - best of luck & lots of easy questions !!! nod



Best of luck!
be confident - you are ready to ace the exam!


Good luck, Sturge!!


thanks guys

came back from the exam

the exam was not that tough, but i feel very vague after the exam, i feel as i flunked, all questions i remember , i have got them wrong....there were lot of questions with nitric oxide, seems its the hot topic these days, i mean their mech of action and they act via the cgmp pathway etc...not tough though...and aids and cystic fibrosis etc etc

but i dont have the courage to post more, as all i can remember is that i was guessing in so many ques, makes me feel pathetic... when i did the nbme, i was pretty sure, that the paper went fine, got 510 on it, not a great score but thought would improve on the real test...but real test, i seriously feel pathetic, i hope i have not messed up the paper...

i just have one advice, they just need the basics, so dont worry if u re stuck on tough ques, they will never ask thta, i really dont know if i passed the exam but i hope to do so...

thanks guys all of u for ur wishes.....thanks doc23, reet, drk1980, malinda,cyra, robbin, sasim, an, skyhigh, msyamp, p53, busy_mom, vallia.... i hope ur wishes will be the thing that helps me pass..

and mayamp, congrats on ur score... that an awesome score, i think ur score pretty much corelate to ur nbme score.... well but i have to give u a compliment here, u have a very good pool of knowledge, i admire u knowing so much....

Edited by sturge_weber on Feb 14, 2006 - 7:19 AM


Hey sturge_weber although I am a relative novice but from whatever little info I have obtained there are not many people, if any, who have a very satisfyimg people with the vast majority feeling that they are gonna flunk and know what, I am sure you know that they scored a 99. I am sure you are gonna rock. Great job done..its time to unwind and let your hair down!


cool!u did it!!!!!!!!!n its OVER!!!!!!


Good to hear from you sturge!

Please don't be'll do great!!Take time off now...relax and have fun!

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