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 All within my hands  

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hello people.

thoght i might also start something like a diary-kind of thing...i am a medical graduate from europe.
i am going to have my step 2 ck in mid-march. i am doing usmleworld right now and doing around 50 %.
do you think that is ok?
how are my chances to do something like 85+ in the real exam??

gonna do rheumatology on saturday....


Wellcome to the step 2 prep falcon. Try hard and you will do whatever you want to. I would say it is possible with this UW score but not safe. Try improving it. Try going through your review books before doing the UW. All the best.


Good luck falcon2007. How are you doing your UW, subjectwise or random? I'm also doing UW but I prefer subjectwise so that I can point my weak area. Good luck to us! all!


thank you kingsofke and motivated !!

yes, i know its going to be pretty tough, i will try my best.

i'm doing it subject-wise, i try to do 46 questions every day (tutor mode) and repeat the stuff i've done before afterwards.

i did 46 of undone q's 3 days ago in timed mode for the first time and did 50%.

how are you guys going ahead?

all the best...


today and tomorrow its obgyn days... its almost 11 pm, i have to do 10 more q's...
wanna wake up at 7 tomorrow.


welcome falcon , if i may suggest-it'll be better to do uw in the timed mode as you will also learn to pick up the clues faster and that is imp for time management ... good luck to you for your preparation...i am giving the step 2 in 1st week of may ...


hello achilles,
good point. i will start tomorrow with more 'timed modus' q's-
good luck for your preperation too...
gonna do surgery and go through my notes of last week.
didnt study sat and sunday, well have to do even more the next couple of days...

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