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 Graves Disease. (hyper or hyper and then hypo)?  

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Is Graves Hyperthyroid state only or Hyper followed by Hypo?
(asking because kap. new immuno notes say hyper followed by hypo but I have not come across this anywhere else)

I always thought Graves is Hyper only since it has Thyroid stimulating antibodies, and Hashimotos is hyper followed by hypo due to A.I. destruction of gland.
Please clarify. Thanks.


hashimotos is hyper for very short period like for two months and then hypo.

graves is hyper for years and then hypo. in graves also the gland becomes exhausted and lands in hypo. what ever thyroid disease except cancer at the end land up in hypo due to exhauseted thyroglobun


Thanks msyamp! smiling face


And what are hormon levels in thyroid adenoma and carcinoma? Is there hyper or hypo or nothing?


thyroid adenoma may cause HYPER thyroidism.
carcinomas are usually nonsecretory and do not cause hyperthyroidism.
they may even present with HYPOthyroidism.

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