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 CD Markers!  

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Hi all... Here are some of the CD Markers I think we'll have to know for Step 1. Please add to the list if you know of any other important ones that you have seen in your readings or questions! Thanks. smiling face

CD 1a: Langerhans Cells, Histeocytosis X, Langerhans Cells
CD 2: Adhesion molecule on T-Cells, NK Cells and LAK Cells.
CD 3: Signal transduction for T-Cells
CD 4: Helper T-Cell Marker, Binds MHC II, Marker for HIV
CD 8: Cytotoxic T-Cell Marker, Binds MHC I
CD 10:Marker for ALL
CD 14: Macrophage Marker
CD 15 and 30: Hodgkin's Lymphoma
CD 16 and 56: NK and LAK cell marker
CD 19: Signal Transduction and Emumerating B cells
CD 20: ST on B-cells
CD 21: ST on B-cells and also EBV receptor on B-cells
CD 28: Costimulatory MOlecule required to activate T-cell (binds to B7
on B-cell or APC)
CD 40: Memory and class switching on B-Cells (binds to CD 40 ligand
on T-Cells)
CD 45: Leukocyte Marker -useful in surgical patho to differentiate
leukocyte from epithelial malignancy.

Co expression of CD 5 (a T-cell marker) AND CD 19 (a B-cell marker) on same cell means tumor!

Please add to this list...
Thanks. smiling face



Dont forget CD34 (for human) as the marker for the human stem cells, in mouse it is a little bit more difficult (Osawa et al!) they should me marked as Sca1+CD34-lowc-kit+


Oh no! I have to remeber ALL of those?!





thanks dr virgo nod


CD 55 : decay accelerating factor in PNH..



thats toooooooooooo much for me drpuma.. shockedshaking head


a3112 wrote:
thats toooooooooooo much for me drpuma.. shockedshaking head

shocked grin

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