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 surgery preliminary  

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wat is the program length for surgery prelimnary........

are there good chances of getting surgery or other fields like radio after going for surgery preliminary..



can ne one pls help me with this........wat is the length of the program, can i apply for other branches after going in for preliminary, and after doing surgery preliminary the chances of getting categorical surgery is good or not......

pls help.... thanks.........


1. The length of preliminary year is always 1 year, no matter sugery, or IM, or transitional;

2. Yes, you definitely can apply for other specialties either after or together with the prelim programs.

3. The chance for the next step. Well, first, I have to warn you that my sample size is very small (n=1-2), so it may not represent the general population.

OK, I know two cases.

First one, he got into prelim surgery for one year. After that, somehow he did not immediately get into an adcanved program, and I do not know why (I believe at that time he prefered to go to general surgery). After 1-2 year waiting, he changed his mind, and got into a very good anesthesia program last year. From what he told me, this one year prelim definitely helped him with the anesthesia program.

Second case: When I interviewed for a prelim surgery program, I met an IMG going for radiology. He said he already secured a position at a top program (because he has done research there for a couple of years, and maybe they negociate some contract like staying there for a while doing research? Or maybe not. I am not so sure about that). Any way, my point is if you can sacrifice one year to do some research in a good clinical lab, it may help you to secure a good position.

4. Is it easy to get into prelim surgery program? I do not know, but my feeling is not that easy. Although every year, there are tons of (really tons! nod ) of vacant prelim surgery positions, but I am not sure if they will just scramble any one into it. From what I heard, if you already secured your advanced program, it will be a piece of cake, otherwise, maybe not. When I interviewed there, they always asked me which specialty I applied, and how many interviews I have, and sometimes they even ask where the interviews are at. They seem to care if you will be able to get into advanced program before they will seriously consider you.
But bottom line, I don't know how easy it is to get into prelim surgery comparing to categorical surgery.

5. But if you managed to get into prelim surgery, I am sure it will help you with future application as long as you did well there. I know another friend who did prelim sugery before anesthesia. After finish the one-year prelim, the director asked him to stay for categorical surgery.
Bottom line: you will get connections, LORs, ect. But to get that, you have to work your ass off.

6. If you really want to go for radiology, I would suggest you to sacrifice one year for research. There you can make connections and it HELPs a lot, especially IMGs (I assume you are IMG)! This is my personal opinion. For categorical surgery I do not know much.

Hope I made myself clear and did not make you more confused. grin

Best luck to you!


thankyou so much mghanes, God bless you!


thank you very much mghanes........smiling face

good luck.........




interesting info.


keep in mind central fundin issues..


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